Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Monthly Vow 12th of July to the 12th of August

Not a great deal planned for next month, I have a Warp Spider Exarch on the way and a couple of other things ending in the next couple of days that I'd like to get my hands on, I also need some more Scarlet paint...
So review time for the last month

Bought and painted this Casterferrum for the Family Tree project

Before getting 30 Guardians done for Telvig.

I also bought this Dread, purely for collection purposes, leaving just one to get now...

I was lucky and found this guy fairly cheap, even after Brexit, and had it shipped from France, and converted and painted it with the last of the Chaos helbrute bits.

Looks good I think.
To finish it off I also bought a 2nd BaC Contemptor, purely for the exhausts. I wanted those for the Mission Dreadnought Abomination class, and the Contemptor was given to a mate as wreck.

Also went down to Warhammer World for a game and photo op.

I also re worked 10 Guardians as I hadn't read the Codex and Formation build...

And painted 10 more

Before getting a last 10 done, meaning I now have 60 Guardians for Telvig. Just after infantry support platforms and support weapon platforms for this army.

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