Thursday, 5 October 2017

Amendments To The Monthly Vow

Magpie mode engaged.
The numbers are the same as to what I'm planning on getting painted, just changing the line up,

With 5 of these getting painted this, I feel comfortable enough to bump the Ironclad dreadnought to next month,

where it'll slot in with an old metal dreadnought I just bought and a plastic one I'm keeping my eye on on ebay. Speaking of ebay I saw something that I'm really interested in getting from Forge World, cheap there. 3 days left on that one and they are still only £12.50, fingers crossed for that one.

For the rest of this month I have the Redemptor Dreadnought that I'm going to spray black on the sprue and the Hellblaster squad as well for The Lion's Blades. The Primaris Chaplian is going into The Hounds so will be painting him in parts, and there's a Vulkite for a Contemptor that's getting painted as well, just need to ask my mate that's works for BAE what colour high end heat sink ceramics are.

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