Sunday, 22 October 2017

Prime Time

And used up another can of the Halfords Grey Plastic Primer.

Primed the sprues for these 2 tonight, I'm planning on doing a Bjórn the Fell Handed Time Line, family tree feels wrong for this, starting with the Burning of Prospero mini, if I can find a cheap metal dread I'll add it in, plan to buy the Space Wolf dread kit and a Redemptor Dreadnought kit next month to convert the Fat Albert dreadnought into a big Bjórn, I'll pull Timberwolf out of The Lion's Blades and replace it with the Dread from the pup kit and paint Timberwolf up in grey to match the Bjórn time line.

With these I'm still planning on adding a set of bolt storm gauntlets to the chuck dread and running him as a Sgt in this squad and mounting the flame storm gauntlets on one and paint that as a Mentors Chapter veteran /Sgt.

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