Monday, 2 October 2017

Warhammer World 30/09/17

I had a busy weekend!
Friday night out with some old friends, I even potted 2 balls on the break at pool!

On the Saturday we drove down to Warhammer World, we saw some workers in the road works on the way down.

I have a mate in New Zealand that was rather concerned that the Marine that used to be out the front of GW was not under the stairs, he is still outside just behind the main office now.

I had a small walk around the new store, it's expanded a bit into what had been the display hall at the end of the game hall, there are a couple of things in there that had me geek ing out a bit.

While setting up I noticed that another guy had brought a World Eaters army, so I snuck over and got a couple of pictures of the Hounds next to Eaters

The game itself was our usual 3 way affair, Death Guard, Dark Admech and Dark Eldar.

Going up against The Hounds , Orks of (for today ) Clan Blood Axe and a rogue Nid splinter fleet.

We were just having a knock down drag out game, the only real objective planned was brother kills brother. My plan was Rowboat go toe to toe with his fallen brother, the orky boss piles in, alongside the Hive tyrant to finish him off. On the way down we changed our plan and at set up we had the Storm Boyz set up in front of Girlyman along with the boss Boyz to soak up the charge from Mortion.

The Death Guard are points heavy so didn't have many models on the table.

The focus of mine and Jacks battle was the dual, everything else was secondary for me and Jack didn't have much else on the table.
A squad of Death Shroud, Lord of Contagion and Typhus got clogged down in combat with gene stealers, Brood Lord and an Intercessor Squad.

The Intercessor were whittled down faster than the stealers who eventually won that fight.
At the bridge the Orks took the charge from Mortion and 2 phases later Girlyman got his attacks in and laid his brother down.

Girlyman was later killed by massed dark lance volley fire, but returned thanks to his armour so we called the game a draw. After that my focus shifted, I tried to bring the Ad Mech into the game and the Orks went up against them while the nids went up against the Dark Eldar. We called the game at 4 pm with only a couple of Sorcerers left, the DE were getting mugged by the nids and the ad Mech where pretty much untouched as they had spent most of the game camped in their deployment zone.

What I took from the game.
Not sure if it's worth overcharging the heavy plasma guns as more of my Primaris died to over loads than enemy action, but they did have an effect on the light DE skimmers.

The Intercessor Squads did well in both shooting and hand to hand.

The Interceptor Squads with bolters throw a lot of dice down and had the desires affect of distracting both the DE and Admech.

The Librarian died before he could do anything to massed dark lance fire.

The Lieutenant didn't get into action so couldn't evaluate him.

The Dread was a great heavy weapon platform, it's shooting was good and the amount of shoots put out was impressive but again took serious damage from the Dark lances, but didn't get into combat.

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