Wednesday, 25 October 2017

WIP 25/10/17

I'd bought a bottle of Agrax Earthshade on Saturday, but I only remembered to take it into work with me tonight, but but this has next to nothing to do with what I did last night.

I fitted the bolt storm gauntlets on to the hands with some minor embellishments to the hands. I was surprised by how easy the right arm went together, the left arm gave me a bit more trouble.

Both arms look really good, I think. And this has prompted me to consider doing a squad of 3 of these, which means the others will be flamestorm gauntlets.

My little arse kicker.

And now to the agrax, I used it on the very basic push fit plastic, over a base of Khorne red , the other marine got a wash of gloss nuln oil before both got a dry brush of wazzdakka red.

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