Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Development Of Plan A

After my moment of weakness last night I had to one up with a plan to use the Dread, so it will be going into the 30k Dreadnought army, I'll make a Talon up of 3 Dreadnoughts from other Legions that have washed up with the 1st, as I already have a metal Bjórn the Fell Handed painted in Blood Ravens colours, which are of course old Thousand Sons colours I might for now swop some arms around with the Deathwatch dread and see what I come out with, if that doesn't look like it'll work out I'll pick up another BA Furioso kit and build it as a Librarian dread. To round this Talon out I think I'll bounce one of the Death Company dreads out of the Knights of Blood, give it a load of flamers and call it armed with twin linked heavy flamers and of course it'll be painted up for the World Eaters, might go and see if the local jewellery store has any silver necklaces they are scrapping to use as chains on it...

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