Friday, 26 August 2016

The Herald Of The 9th

I bought this as it's newer version of the Venerable Dreadnought and have it now in the Dreadnoughts army, painted for the Blood Angel Legion, it runs alongside the a World Eaters and a Thousand Sons Dread in the Scholia Detachment. I've made this and am looking at another 2 buys to build a second Talon just in case someone has an issue with fighting the Space Crusade Dreads.
I might re-task one of the Ironclad Dreads as an Iron Warrior for this army, I can use the Tiger Claws Dreadnought as a stand in for Crusade era Imperial Fist, and if I can find the last metal dread that's my collection of Dreadnoughts up to date.

I started off with a choice for a head.

Base coat and nuln oil wash

Evil Sunz Scarlet dry brush.

I was going to run this as Librarian dread in my Knights Of Blood but picked up a fourth Venerable Metal Dreadnought for that role so bounced the sovnya and the claw back off this guy and into the to do pile.

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