Thursday, 11 August 2016

Monthly Vow 12th of August To The 12th of September

Plan A for next month is get onto Zinge Industries and buy their flexible ammo feeds for the Vorax after Forge World's flexible resin wasn't that flexible, although I will allow that I'm not the greatest builder out there, I'm also looking at getting a Heresy Medic for the Dreadnought Army from a mate, but he has gone a bit quiet about that deal. So finish the build and paint the Vorax next month, Heresy Medic and then a major first for one of my armies, I plan to base all of the stuff for Telvig with the snow material. Not much buying planned as it's my youngest birthday at the end of August.
So review time for the last month, first up the Warp Spider Exarch.

Base build.

At the same time I built the Exarch I'd bought another Drahzar that I had planned to use as the base but it turned out to be finecast so I decided to use the metal one I had already as the base as it has more strength in the legs and that jump pack as some weight in it.

So the finecast version was painted up to replace the Drahzar in the Harlequins box as the First of the Fallen.

Next up I messed around and fitted the Frost Cannon to one of the Malevolent class , in game that'll be a plasma cannon

Looking at these I'm not sure if I painted that cannon, so that'll get added this month.

I started building the Vorax as well, owing to the intricate nature of the mini I did one a night before trying the flexible resin for the first time and screwing it up badly.

Currently these are boxed waiting for pay day.
Next up was the 5 Fire Dragons


Green stuff on the base as the slots got broke off and the minis were pressed in and glued a little as well.

Base of Ushabati bone, then a coat of Troll Slayer orange, while the helmets had a cost sunset yellow, then they all got a nuln oil wash, before I mixed some green and silver and touched the gems and eye lenses with that.

I then did my second set of bases with the snow effect.

I got my Terminators out as well to see what state they were in and found I was one short, so I pulled out my Azreal and broke it up and used the body to make the assault cannon gunner that I was missing.

I also glued this attack bike to the base.

Next up was a replacement for the Azreal that I'd just broken up.

Which doesn’t look so bad.
The last thing of the month was The Herald Of The First Legion, The Wall Of Berlyn, The One Winged Angel for the Dreadnought 30K Army.

As I still haven't got either Codex for the Knights of Blood project I bumped the Venerable metal out and will keep an eye out on ebay for a replacement.

And while I was putting Azreal away I got all my characters out for some photos.

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