Saturday, 27 August 2016

The 1st Legion Scholia Detachment

This army started after a mate told me about the Legion Rite that allows a Forge Lord and Primus Medicare to take a full Dreadnought army.

20 Dreads in one place...

Contemptor Talon, Lords Of the Legion.
Flash Heart and Blackadder, and I'm just waiting for Forge World to release the 1st Legion Contemptor to finish this army off.

Venerable Caseterferrum Talon, Soul of the Legion.
The Herald Of The First Legion, The Wall Of Berlyn, The One Winged Angel.
The Warden in White, Guardian of the Legions Rites.
The Oncoming Storm, First Chaplian.

Casterferrum Talon Yūeri
Thunderchild, Timberwolf and Boarder Reavor.

Casterferrum Talon Gādo.
Silver Dart, Mortis pattern.
Silent Wolf.
Iron Fist. This is a black reach dread with a spare metal dreadnought arm, hence Iron Fist.

Counts as Contemptor Mortis Talon
Type X mixed Talon Arquero
Malevolent class, The Beast of Wolf 359
Malevolent class, First In the Breach at Helmholtz
Abomination class, Scourge Of Dia.

Counts as Casterferrum Mortis.
Type X mixed Talon Biànhùrên
Abomination class, The Conquer Of Miranda.
Abomination class, Castelian of Barnards Star
Malevolent class, Shield of the Emperor.

And the additional optional Talons are Training Detachments from the other Legions, in game terms this will be pretty much a Black Shield/ Shattered Legion List as The 1st keep everyone at arms length. I'm adding these 2 Talons to cover my back if someone takes issue with the Space Crusade Dreads proxyed as other types of Dreadnoughts.

The First Scholia Detachment, Casterferrum Talon.
The War Hound, World Eaters Legion Training Master.
The Wolf That Stalks The Stars, Thousand Sons Legion.
The Herald Of The 9th, Blood Angels Legion.

The Second Scholia Detachment, Casterferrum Talon.
This is a WIP currently and as I'm planning on painting the Iron Clad as an Iron Warrior and the other Dread is from the Imperial Fist Legion they may get spilt up...
And I'm currently keeping an eye on the one metal dread that's missing from my collection to finish this off, just got to wait for pay day again.

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