Monday, 1 August 2016

House Keeping

I'd wanted to check up on my Terminators the other day, so I got the box out and got some photos, mostly to see what I had after I bounced a few out if the Harth Guard as they didn't fit visually.

Beliel, Interigator Chaplain and the 1st Company Head Librarian.

Tartarus Pattern Terminator Armour Command Squad.

This squad was one short after I bumped the guys that didn't fit.

Need to redo the bases on these.

And one in this squad.

DV Terminators.

Might repaint this squad black.

To match these old school Terminators.

Need to patch these up.

And some of these.

And that's all my Terminators.

And a re visit my first Ravenwing Sgt along with the source picture that I aimed for when I built this guy.

Kenada (?) From Akira or Tetsuo The Iron Man.

And this came up in my Facebook feed today, not exactly a good base for a desert raider, as the engine needs a rebuild every 250 miles, the suspension travel is all in the tyres, about the only thing I would take is the fuel cell as it doesn't leak.

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