Monday, 29 August 2016

Iron Warrior Dread

I'm only 2 Dreads short of finishing this project, I know the one I'm after and have to wait for pay day to get the one I want.

This is for The Iron Warriors Legion, I'm still looking at a weapon arm and I think I'll pull the multi melta off the Imperial Fist dread and give that a las cannon arm, long range defence and the multi melta is a bunker buster weapon along with the chain fist.

I'll pull those thing out and play around with them tomorrow or Wednesday and finish both off later in the week.

And I've fallen to the dark side, I downloaded Prisma.

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Greg Hess said...

HAha I still haven't downloaded prisma! Holding offfffff.

Ironclads looking nice!

Paul Harris said...

It does look good in a basic scheme, just struggled a tad at 3am getting the chevrons right.