Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Dispossessed

Within the 30k Dreadnought army box I have a Bjórn the Fell Handed painted in Blood Ravens colours, which is a close match for pre Heresy Thousand Sons, or could well be depending on who you listen to, doing nothing, I've also gone and bought the Deathwatch dread as well so that's 2 extra Dreads.

Casting around to fill this out to a full Talon of 3, I pulled one of the Death Company dreads out of the Knights of Blood box and decided to repaint it as a War Hounds dread, armed, once again, with twin linked heavy flamers and 2 fists.
I'll be re reading Index Astartes before I go to bed to decide who's colours to paint the Deathwatch dread in. Okay in game terms these 3, and future infantry buys, are part of the hold outs from when the Battalion strength Legions had in the field training with the first Legion, I plan to run this force with the shattered legion list, the DA element may have the old field police style paint job on the helmets to represent them being trainers.
The levvy is for reference purposes only.

Okay on to painting, I started off by going over the red areas with a base coat of screaming skull and the shoulders with a base of Kantor blue

When dry I gave the skull areas a nuln oil wash, and the blue areas a draken nightshade wash and then waited for them to dry, which at this time of night means leaving it until I'm back in work tonight.
So back at work again

I started off by giving the shoulders and exhaust pack a lite brush with lotherian blue before doing a 50/50 mix with ice blue and dry brushed that on to the shoulders.
The fists both had a couple of coats of dry brushing with white.

The body also got a couple of coats of bry brushing with the white, before I added some spot details with brass scorpion and scarlet and the ice blue and going over the scrolls with screaming skull.

And done, just need some infantry support now...

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Greg Hess said...

I always approve of more walkers. Can not have enough ever.

Paul Harris said...

There are 2 more planned for this army, and I need one of them made!