Sunday, 21 August 2016

Week Off Work!

So sleeping AT NIGHT! IN A BED!
With a week off I'm doing nothing tomorrow and maybe Tuesday as I'm catching up on my sleep.
So last night being the last for a week I took a few bits in and a can of black spray to get half the paint job done on, well, everything.

The Dread for The Dispossessed Talon got a base coat,

I was playing around with the head here over a helmeted version, but personally this only really works on a Librarian dread to my mind. The light is so bad today I had to use the damn flash.

The medic got a black base coat, I'm planning on doing it like this, just with a white tabard

And the Vorax also got a base coat of black.

Even with the light on it wasn't great in the kitchen .

So I went in close.

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