Thursday, 19 October 2017

Long Fang Time

Today I am went down to Manchester to meet my dad and watch Blade Runner on the Imax at the Print Works, before I did that I picked up some agrax earthshade from the GW store, they have changed the window display to have the Titan accompanied by a lot of tanks. While in the store I ran my idea for the family tree past the staffer and handily showed him a photo.

He zoomed on the RT era Chuck at the front and asked what it was.
Yes I felt old and checked that my k9 teeth hadn't suddenly grown.
So my plan is simple, have the 3 files, of 3, the 3 metal dreads on one side of the board, the old plastic, Blackreach and Ironclad in the middle and the Deathwatch dread, Contemptor and Redemptor on the right.


Greg Hess said...

Only missing the leviathan for the full family! Looking great!

Paul Harris said...

And the Deredo