Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 Year's Review

So what didn't I achieve this year, Guard are still untouched, Harlequins still haven't had any Starweavers and the Titans apart from 1 occasion where I got one Warlord out of the box have been untouched since February, and now with no one in my immediate group playing it I think I can probably sell those this year.
The Lion's Blades
Definitely got the best deal of the year as I now have 2 Demi Companies, Primaris and Phobos Astartes, and the sexy Forge World Contemptor got released as well at long, long last. I also pulled the Boltstorm Aggressors out of The Hounds box and repainted them for the Lion's Blades. As it stands today I'm 3 Inceptors off having a full 5th Company, obviously unpainted so once the bank holidays are over and I can see the damage to my bank account I can either get the last bit of buying done, Psychic Awakening book 3 is out "soon" with the new character, so I'll pick that up as well. Lastly and it's the only reason I'm keeping the Conquest subscription going, is the Repulsor tank comes in February, I'm hoping that the local shop gets 2 copies in again as I'm planning on adding these to The Lion's Blades. Now with the leaked images of the land speeder and bikes I'm currently unsure what to do about them, need more information before I can make up my mind on where we go with those.
The Masque Of The Breaking Dawn
Nothing happened, I keep saying it and one year I will buy some of the Skyweavers to go in there.
The Exodites Of Telvig
Again have barely been touched and their case is also falling apart as well. So maybe a new case I'd in order at least.
The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War
Had a bit of a rough year, they lost most of their dreadnoughts to Chaos and the Recruitment Fleet, and the Boltstorm Aggressors to the Lion's Blades.
The Star Leopards
Have also not had a great year as most of the stuff I was going to put in there are now going into the Lion's Blades 5th Company.
Palidus Mor Legion
Want buy some Titans?
January to February
So in a step up from last year I have been taking notes so I have a vague idea of what I did get done, I'm running this like I run my monthly vow, 12th to the 12th. There was 3 more Inceptors for the Hounds, as well as 5 Reivers, a single Reiver for the Star Leopards, that later got repaint and promotedin The Lion's Blades, the Lion's Blades got a Lieutenant and the former Captain of the Knights of Blood got a repaint for the Lion's Blades 1st Company. I redid the Terminator Librarian for the Lion's Blades, who'd later go into the 5th Company, some Dreads got started for my first Dread Filled Month and the Wargames Exclusive Cypherella was done.
February To March
So according to the list the last 2 Warhounds got painted, one of them has just given its feet for a mk4 dreadnought I've got coming. The Terminator lightening claws squad got started with the other 3 getting done to go with the one from last month. The copy of chapter approved arrived eventually and I reworked my lists. The Knights of Blood Storm Raven got a touch up for The Lion's Blades, the Knights of Blood Apothecary got a repaint for Ordo Astartes. A Yorkist Knight was killed for the Warhound bases. A couple of Rhinos from Conquest were painted for the Lion's Blades, and lastly the extra weapon pack for the Page Class Dreadnought was magnetised.
March to April
The first dread filled month, the 2 Conquest Redemptors got painted for The Lion's Blades, 4 Casterferrum dreads got done, the second 3 Boltstorm Aggressors got painted, I did an extra Death Guard dread and 10 Intercessors.
April to May
The Primaris Apothecary ruined me for a while, it's just not a nice mini, and I had 2 to paint, the Primaris Chaplains got done, as did the 2 Phobos captains I got, I sold one of the Librarians and painted the other for the Lion's Blades, it was at this point I re assessed the years target and went with 2 Demi Companies instead of the battle company.
May To June
3 Primaris Captains got done for each army, 2 Phobos Lieutenants, 3 Suppressors, 10 Infiltrators, the 6 Eliminators all got painted for the Lion's Blades new Vanguard Company, and painted 6 Inceptors plasma guns. Lastly there was the Master of Possession from the Shadowspire box, this is my favourite mini of the year hands down.
June To July
I did a good conversion on the Plague Burster Crawler, giving it a mk2 Predator turret that I magnetised so it could have either the autocannon or the twin las cannon turret. A Conquest Rhino became a multi purpose Rhino, with Vindicator and Razorback options, which was a fun build. I'd bought some Harry Potter stuff and painted the Unicorn and the rather dynamic Dumbledor from The Half Blood Prince, the Lion's Blades got a Vindicator, a captain, the second Infiltrators and 3 Suppressors got finished, this left me waiting for the Infiltrators box to be released, as well as upgrading the Spartan to the Terminus Ultra version.
July To August
The accidental dread filled month. I converted the dread knight to what I didn't know at the time was an Invictus War suit, will make it more Invictus like when I get the kit, I added some bits to a Redemptor in an attempt to give a Calgar look, but failed, I used the incinerator from the dread knight to make a flame cannon for a planned dread, a number of the Hounds dreadnoughts fell to Chaos, turning to the Death Guard with the aid of the Conquest boots, and the Warden In White of the Lion's Blades got stripped and repainted.
August To September
It was about this point I decided to stop the planned Star Leopards marines and concentrate on the Lion's Blades, with the Boltstorm Aggressors and the 1 Star Leopards Reiver getting painted for The Lion's Blades. 1 bike squadron got done, I'd got lucky in an ebay lot and got an Outrider bike this went with the Conquest bikes into a squad, with the Kenada pose rider. The Scoutsarrived with Conquest and I was able to get a few in and make 3 squads of 10, 1 squad of bolt pistols and knives, 1 squad of shotguns and 1 squad of bolter scouts. I'd picked up an Iron Warriors Contemptor this month planning to use that for the Typhus Contemptor conversion, but it was way to nice fir that so I bought a plastic one and painted the Contemptor in its Legion colours. And the last couple of things from the Glorious 1000 got reworked, a new paint job and becoming a heavy bolter Mortis Casterferrum dread and the Storm Talon got a new paint job
September To October
This month included Dread Tober which I'd been planning since March. The September half of the month got the Dark Vengeance Terminators painted, the long awaited 1st Legion Contemptor arrived and it's probably the 2nd best miniature I've painted this year. I'd lucked out and picked up a Deredo cheaply, and the Typhus Contemptor got done, I just wish I'd gone with Legion colours for this one. The October side was the Calgar Honour Guard Redemptor, the White Scar dread, DA mk4 , the Salamanders dread, a mk4 Heralds of the Emperor, the Ultramarinedread and the Emperor’s Children dread got done.
October To November
The Alpha Legion stripped and painted twice as the first time was just wrong, got to say I think this was my first major fail , but it was the first time I've used contrast paints. The Raven Guard, Night Lords and Iron Hands dreads got done, then I got stuck in to the 2 I'd been looking forward to the most, the Björn Contemptor and the Metal venerable dreadnought. The November part of the month. It says 2 squads of bikes but I know I didn't do those as I only got 1 set of bike rider legs during December, the DV Librarian got painted and stuff got bumped as the Incursors Infiltrators box got released.
December To January
Knights Models released the Chamber of Secrets box for pre orders in October and it landed in November along with Hagrid and Harry on bike and side car as well as the Order of The Phoenix blister pack. I was really pleasedwith how Ainsley Shacklebolt came out and the method of doing leather coats I started using on these was rather good.
November To December
At last one of the Conquest issues I was waiting for arrived, the Cataphractii Armour captain and the mk4 Chaplian. The Björn in Cataphractii Armour was converted, as was the last of the lightening claws squad was finished. Again it says bikes and attack bikes there's time yet and I have got some of the scenery from Conquest done over Christmas.


Siph_Horridus said...

You did a huge amount in 2019, have a hobby filled 2020!

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

Thanks! That's the plan. . .
Same to you!