Thursday, 12 December 2019

Getting The Gang Back Together

With the latest version finished I broke the box out again and got the latest group shot. The only official version missing is the finecast dreadnought but I'm not worried about that, to do another dreadnought version I'd need one of the Forge World mk4's if I wanted to do that and a Tartarus plate version but I'm not sure about either of those, those really are, currently, "nice idea, one day maybe" thinking. All that is left is to get minis for both Sapphire and Steel to go with them.
Blood Claw version, powered armour version and the Cataphractii Armour version.
The Casterferrum dreads, the newish plastic version, the orginal metal dreadnought and the old metal Venerable Dread conversion.
And the Redemptor Dreadnought version from 2017, and the Forge World Contemptor version.

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