Thursday, 5 December 2019

Run In To The 12th

For the last few days of this Monthly vow I'm looking to get the 2 Cataphractii Armour marines done, after that the plan is put together the last few sprues of the Conquest Intercessors to see how many I actually have and how many I need to rob from elsewhere to make the number up to 30 Intercessors, 10 Hellblasters and 6 Inceptors, as I have 6 Boltstorm and Flamestorm Aggressors already. The next lot of Conquest magazine loot is the sniper scouts, so with the 10 I've had sat since the last lot of scouts I'll be doing December to January along with the 2 attack bikes and seeing if I can make enough bikes to get 2 more squads, again next month, I can sort that before the 12th but only paint and order any bits I need after the 12th. Any time left over I intend to try to finish off the first book in the Solar War series as I've asked my dad for book 2 or a bottle of Tequila for Christmas.

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