Thursday, 26 December 2019

Last Of The Plasma Capacitors

Bang on target! Sort of . . . As I was getting ready for work tonight I did find a 4th Haemotrope Reactor on the sprue that had fallen down the back of the chair, although I think I'll still stick with the plan I orginally had and donate this to the games room at Rogue Games.
Looking good linked up and there's a mess of extra pipe work and ventilation arrays not touched but I didn't need to do those.
And over Christmas I've picked up a couple more dreads, plans are to paint the metal venerable dreadnought for the Luna Wolves, after it and the Chaplian dread both get a bath. I'll repaint the Chaplian dread just with a bit more ability now. The mk4 World Eaters dread needs some feet, I do have another Blackreach dread that I can use the feet from but the main plan is to see if the new Warhound feet fit which could mean a sacrifice here.
The mk4 will get the arms from this guy to replace the broken chainfist it used to have and of course any traitor icons will have to be removed before I can paint it in those lovely Legion colours. Next up should be the year's end review and plans for 2020.

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