Saturday, 7 December 2019

The Relic Squad

And Part Of The Plan For 2020.
With the arrival of the Conquest magazine with the Cataphractii Armour I was able to finish the Relic Armour squad that have been untouched since February. The story behind these is that while The Lion's Blades have plenty of Terminator Armour suits the second most prestigious suit they can wear , behind the Deathwing Knights (and Boltstorm Aggressors), is this squad, each member is a veteran of long standing in the 1st Company and must at one point have won the Honour Dual with a Space Wolf, hence the Wolf head on the claws.
Next Wednesday is the Sniper scouts which with the 10 snipers I have already and the 30 scouts I put together with the last lot plus the squad of 5 gives me 55 Scouts, which is way more than enough. Beyond that I was building tonight to see what else I'm going to need to get my Primaris Demi company up to a full company. All together I've got 20 Intercessors, I can either repaint 10 or get some fresh ones which takes me to 30, 10 more Hellblasters, taking those to 20 and 3 Inceptors, I really do think I'll get a full box of Inceptors as I already have 3 pairs of plasma guns and the full box will give me the choice of 12 plasma gunners or 12 assault bolters on those squads. After building all those Primaris Astartes I started on the attack bikes, those side cars aren't very securely mounted. . . And with those built I was able to devote some time to the last 8 bikes I've got, I only need 1 pair of legs to finish that squad which will give me 6 bike squads and mean I have to build another Talon Master to cover that side of the 2nd Company, but that is not a plan yet.

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