Friday, 6 December 2019

Last Of The Relic Terminator Suits

I started the night by adding a paw to the hip plate of the Björn as well as green stuffing the sword hand on the arm. While that set I set about painting the lightening claw Cataphractii and the 2 Contemptor multi meltas. The straps got the agrax earthshade wash treatment, the armour got an ushabati bone base coat, then 2 light coats of screaming skull, the cape got a base of Mephiston Red, then a light coat of evil Sunz Scarlet and then a highlight of wild rider red. I painted the badges on, only after I glued it together did I notice I'd painted the chapter and squad icons on the wrong sides.
The multi meltas got van ushabati bone base coat, then black, will do highlights and metallics tomorrow around assembling the various kits I'm building when I get back to work.

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