Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Monthly Vow, December the 12th to January The 12th

What's the plan for the last month of the year? Not sure, there's 20 Sniper Scouts and 16 bikes and 2 attack bikes, I think I need a third attack bike to finish the 2nd Company properly, but can check that on Thursday. I do need some more bases for the second lot of bikes though. There's also a confused buy of the Forge World Grey Knight dread, it was a steal at £22, and I have got Christmas shopping out of the way, so it's not that bad. My purchase plan, vaguely is one lot of Inceptors, hopefully there's still some of the Space Wolf ones on ebay, 1 attack bike and some bases for the bikes.
Review Time
First thing done this month was to green stuff the magnet on the frame and front wheel of Hagrid's motorbike, as I know I'd drop and brake it off at some point.
Painting the bike took a couple of nights, with an interesting find with doing Hagrid's jacket. Hedwig was a nice change of pace and I thought I'd gone on a wrong path with it until I put the bird on the coat and it looks great.
The Keyboard player got a tiny bit of work done on it with the Storm host silver edging.
The replacement Night Lords dread got it's assembly finished with those lovely Zinge Industries bendy ammo feeds put on. Once Armies on Parade is done this is getting painted for the Lion's Blades to join the Mortis Talon.
I also magnetised the missile launcher on this guy so I can use it as a Mortis with optional weapons, there's the assault cannons, plasma and multi melta so far, just need a las cannons set to finish the options. For now this is getting painted for the Death Guard dread Allurn of Dale and used on the Armies on Parade board, after that, I'll strip it and repaint it for the Lion's Blades, to round out my Mortis Casterferrum Talon, will also take one of the dreads out as well.
Moody , Ainsley Shacklebolt and Tonks got based coated and block coloured.
Before I focused on Mad Eye Moody, doing the coat in the same method as I'd done Hagrid. I think I've got this very close to film accurate.
Ainsley Shacklebolt is pretty much spot on film accurate.
Tonks less so. I do like this range.
I think that Myrtle isn't right but I went more ghostly with her and Dobby was really quick and easy to do. Colin Creeve and Tom Riddell both got the same steps of layers of grey then the house colours.
Filtch was nice to do and I had to compare the 2 versions of him.
The Basilisk had me worried at first, I knew, like the spiders I was not going to keep it film accurate, and with plenty of blues I chose to paint it in blue, only point I'm not 100 happy with are the eyes but outside of that I think I did a great job on it. Even my dad was impressed with it.
I borrowed the spider from work and will be doing some work on advancing the Necron Knight, although I think it might just become a bespoke Doomsday Arc / Ghost arc yet.
The issue of Conquest that I'd been waiting for since February arrived at long last, and I was able to finish the Relic Armour Terminator squad off.
These 2 came with a couple of plastic Contemptors that are planned to be used to make the Lucius and Arhiman Contemptors, I cut one of the multi meltas off and magnetised it, happily I guessed right when fixing the magnets in place and this can be used on the other magnetised Contemptor weapon mounts.
The replacement Blood Angel dread, the lead and backing singer all got a bath.
And I went on a bit of building binge for the armies on parade board.
As well as putting together 12 Intercessors, 2 Hellblasters, 1 Inceptor 4 Lieutenant's and 1 Ancient, although some of those Lieutenant's and the ancient are going to be used in the Intercessors squad. I still need 10 more Intercessors to finish this project off.
And lastly this month I got my 8th alternative Björn finished. Ordo Chronos Inquisitors Sapphire and Steel are going to have to sort this cross dimension crisis out.

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