Saturday, 21 December 2019

Costing Stuff The 2019 Version

I worked out the odds of this being a good idea or being something REALLY stupid, and went ahead and did it anyway.
I've found that while I can't paint anything I've had masses of time on my hands the past few nights, so I've taken the Field Manual in and worked out some points cost for a few of my armies, firstly The Lion's Blades, this does include The 1st Company, 2nd Company, 3rd Company of old marines, 5th Company for the Primaris Astartes, the Vanguard Company, the Scouts, the tanks and the dreadnaughts. All in this lot was coming in at 17,686, with half a 3 squads of Intercessors, 1 squad of Hellblasters and a squad of Inceptors to paint, there are various character minis that I need to add as well as I'm not sure of what is on the box. The Vanguard now have 2 Lieutenants, one Reiver, the other Phobos, I just need to stripe and rebased the Reiver Lt.
Using the new plastic version as Björn I've got 966 points here. I'm thinking of giving the Wolf scout version a Reiver squad or a wolf guard squad to give me a totally stupid 1000 point force, if I go Reivers I don't need to buy I can re paint 4 of The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War for this.
And this crazy idea is sitting at 2089, there are a couple of changes to be done to this army on parade 2020 board to be done. After Armies on Parade the Night Lords dread is going to be repainted for the Lion's Blades and the magnetised mortis arm is going on probably the Raven Guard dread and that's going to also be re painted for The Lion's Blades. So what's left? The Masque of the Breaking Dawn and the Ordo Astartes strike force. I have the Harlequins army listed already just need to update the points costs and I have to see what the Strike Force has before I can commit to costing them, so that one could be the new year before I get around to it.

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