Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Half A Job Harris Rides Again!

You may of noticed that I've slowed down on the postings here, to be honest, that's because I have finished the project and haven't thought to update here. Half A Job Harris rides again! And here it is in ,almost, all it's glory!So the tank is finished at last, painted up and has been used in battle and looks great, no negative comments, just jokes about over compensating for something...I do have another picture on my phone at the moment showing the size difference between the Poxy Proxy Predator and the real sized thing and will do the technomancy required to get it up. So on to my next project, not sure what that will be yet, have to log on again sometime to let you know! I took my time i know but here it is, Poxy Proxy Banesword next to a Rhino APC.