Monday, 31 March 2014

Forge World Bulletin 10

Last for today, these photos are from Forge Worlds latest bulletin, number 10, noticed the name is changed from Blog, I've added  few other photos from various places that I've found as well. And I've also added a photo of Black Scorpion Miniatures Dwarf Juggernaught that will (should be if not sold out that is) on sale at Salute.

Couple More Pic From Yesterday And Something BIG

Found a couple of more photos on Facebook from the Open Day and I've managed to pry a couple of pics of some of the art work out of Exterminarion from a nameless agent of mine, enjoy!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Side By Side

GW Knight along side the Forge World Lancer

More Pics.

These are the latest that have comr to light on Facebook today. We have a new 'nid mock up, a Sallies Firedrake with details on the shield,a Mechanicus Cannon Kiros & a Mechanicus Siege bot the Thanator.

Knight Lancer

I'm not there today, travel and work would were difficult to arrange but I do have access to Facebook and a couple of groups that have guys in GW HQ. These photo's are of the new Lancer that has rules in Horus Heresy Book 3 Extermination.

Stolen From The Conclave Of Har

Okay expect a couple more posts today as I rob pictures off of Facebook, these 2 are The Knight Lancer, it apparently has a detailed interior and the body of The Man Himself Horus.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Dread Suarin

From the latest Forge World news flash, damn this thing is pretty, I like this, I want this, I don't play fantasy but I really like this dino. After seeing this guy I hope the same guy is doing the Dragon for the Hobbit as this is a good base to start from.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


After a stress filled day and no option to drink beer as I have to work tomorrow I was thinking how to relax. I knew I wanted to repaint The Lion's Blades to closer match The Unhallowed, more black with red and keep the beige cowls, but after painting Tactical Squad 1 I
noticed one of the squad needed replacing, so I looked through the box of Knights of Blood box for a suitable swop. I came across the old Sgt I'd won on ebay ages ago. I got out my green stuff and tried to make a robe for it. This is the state I'm up to now. Just need to sort out a swop within the XIX Order for this Sgt.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Venerable Ancient of The Glorious 1000

Another one where my OCD might be showing...
I won this one a while ago on ebay but with one thing and another it's been a slow paint and build. This is my 3rd metal Venerable Dreadnought and this one is a Venerable Dreadnought, The Lion's Blades doubles as a Chaplin Dreadnought and and The Knights Of Blood is a Furioso Librarian Dreadnought. My one problem is that I wasn't planning on giving The 1000 much in the way of old stuff, Dreads, Terminators, Honour Guard, as I wanted something different from The Lion's Blades with all the Rouge Trader era tanks, and when I started to paint it I was still thinking about putting a Fist, Raven or a Howling Griffon symbol to show where it came from, I might still add that at the back. As always with one of these minis I stripped it back and base coated it, then gave it a half coat of Kharak Stone, I later found out in assessembly that I had painted it the wrong way round so I had to repaint the middle part of the body. A close look at the back shows I have kept the mistake with the power pack by doing the colours reversed, the metal sections where painted black then dry brushed with bronze. The orange is of course blazing orange, I did the seals with Mechrite red and Ushubati Bone. Then put all the pieces together. Again this one like the Chaplin Dread doesn't have a shin guard. Just the chapter symbol left to add to this guy, I will put a post up later in the week showing this one with the other 2.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


So the heads up for this came via Facebook group The Conclave Of Ha. Forge World released Horus on pre order, ships April 14th, Simon Egan sculpt. It comes with the display base and a removeable gaming base. Almost tempted to buy this one, but will save myself for The Lion.
As a side note, where I am posting from today do THE best ice cream.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

William Gibson Bang On The Money Again

So along side being hugely into 40K I'm also a reader. I've only started reading William Gibson in the last couple of years, the first book I read was his Steampunk book The Difference Engine. Now William Gibson for people of my generation has s certain reputation as almost a prophet, first use of the term cyberspace and many many other concepts that are mundain now. I picked up Zero History last month and just having finished my last Horus Heresy book and Pandorax felt a bit washed out with Space Marines and needed to read something else so I started this. I read the above picture on page 23, I went and checked the publishibg date and this copy was first produced in 2010. Once again Mr. Gibson was bang on the money!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Getting Technical

Not a brilliant idea on this one, I bought a couple of the Citadel Technical colours recently Nihilakh Oxide and Blood For The Blood God, and my first thought was this could be a good cheat way to get a nice look for Legion Of The Damned. I was wrong, the Oxide comes out very well on black but the Blood doesn't show up well on the camera and not much better in natural light. Blood does actually have a good blood like consistancy, the Oxide is thin already. I like both of these for different reasons and will be using them in future, but I think I need to work out where Blood will best be used. The Oxide is something I liked the sound of when I first saw it, I plan to use this on plasma weapons as a quick cheat.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

News From The Horses Mouth

News just in from Gav Thorpe actual on Facebook this morning, his writing a Dark Angel story to the Name Of The Rose sound track. This is a new 40K Short Story, no more details than that.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mk2 Re-worked

Slowly starting to re-paint The Lion's Blades more black  and red so they fit more with the Chaos bikes that I use in both my Ravenwing and Chaos army. So far the only bits done in the new colours are this Predator and the mk1 Land Raider. The hull of this one does not go with this turret, this hull is the twin linked lascannon turret that after it's out standing survival in my last game where it took 2 melta shots, a rail cannon shot and every missile (just checked the Tau Codex and thats 6 missiles) off a Sky Ray AND, I'd forgotten this, a Bright Lance shot as well and only lost 1 hull point, I thought that that was worthy of a new name, I put it out to the Dark Angels Facebook group and 2 where good, but I don't think I could get away with calling it Lucky B@#%&*d, I choose the other option of Betrayer's Bane as for this game we were supposed to be going all out to destroy the Necron Vault and Transcendent C'Tan not my own Super Heavy. The turret is from a Tiger model and I use this one on the Baal Pred that didn't come with a turret. I had orginally made an auto cannon for it but I seem to have lost that so I cut up a Guard auto cannon and added a magnet so I can swop it for the custom las cannons if needed. This now needs boxing up with the others. Next project is the 3rd metal Venerable Dreadnought for The Glorious 1000.