Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Good News, Everyone!

https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/04/28/reopening-soon-games-workshop-com/ Some good news from the Warhammer Community team.

I May Have Got A Bit Carried Away

Yesterday I stumbled across a tweet from the Warhammer Community team asking for pics of our dreads. I regret nothing what so ever about the number of replies I put on their post. Lots and lots of replies... Fingers crossed here's a link to the tweet. https://twitter.com/WarComTeam/status/1254697792595001344?s=19

Sunday, 26 April 2020

5th Company Master

I got most of the heavy work on this one done yesterday, and then called it a night when I saw the shoulder pad details and the tired eyes were not up to it. Tonight my focus was on those 2 paldrons and cooking a joint of beef for the day walkers. I'm not happy with the bolter arm, it just doesn't do anything for me, I think I will have a root through the bits to see if I can find a plasma pistol and arm that will look good on there.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Another Company Master And A Start On This Year's Vow

And now to the target for this year, demi company of Primaris, using the red cowling and different belt colour as the 2 main differences between the 2 halves of the Company. I'll be throwing a squad in with a bronze aquila because when I started painting Primaris for this army I hadn't looked at it in a while and so did what I wanted when I went back and found some of the old marines had a bone aquila, short back story involved for that, so when I got going again I went back to bone, as a recruite the marines are told the tales of betrayal, write them out on parchment, burn them, and mix the ashes into paint, the colour is associated with grief and morning on one of the recruitment worlds, so a marine is armoured against the lies of his enemies. The bronze aquila denotes an Indomitus Crusade veteran, a bone aquila denotes a raised Lion's Blades marine.
And company master with monster hunter. The helmet is in honour of a great warrior from one of the recruitment worlds of the Lion's Blades who, a warrior wronged by his king and left to die, after a tail of bloody revenge, the warrior took the Kings head and burned the Palace to the ground, leaving no one alive. No one remembers the wronged warriors name, just that from the night forward he was called Death's Head.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Finished The Chaplain Dreadnought

Was digging in the Lion's Blades Dreadnought box today looking for the lost thumb for this dread, when I came across the missing shin plate, I ended up doing a swop from the 3rd dread as it had 2 thumbs, a bit of glue and an edge highlight later and it was ready to smite the Fallen and point out just how naught you are.
The Warden of the Lion's Blades Rites was just glued together today.
Eventually I also dragged out number 3, the Ancient One, Herald Of The On Coming Storm, The One Winged Angel, legend has it that the marine that pilots this venerable Dreadnought fought beside those who fought with The Lion.
To have all 3 of these ancient machines on the field of battle is an I'll omened time for the Chapter.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

The Exodite Wraith Lords

Old photos of the Wraith Lords and War Walkers.

Revisiting The Exodite Army

The box my Exodite army was in went brittle and had to binned this morning, so while I was transferring to a cardboard box I got some up to date photos. Not got the 8th Ed Codex so not sure if the 20 strong guardian bands are still legal. The idea was this was one of the first Exodite worlds established, so some of the war gear and weapons are much older than the later leaving Craft worlds. I didn't include the Wraith Lords or War Walkers as their storage boxes are fine.
Counts as Shadow Spectors made with an excess of Harlequin Death Jesters.
The old version Striking Scorpions, as the first father of this Aspect fell to Chaos, and these Aeldar left before that happened and were cut off from main stream Aeldar Culter, they didn't find out about the fall of the Pheonix Lord and shift in weapons.
The Dore Avengers Aspect Warriors are made from old Dark Elf Corsairs
Not sure where this one is going, counts as Falcon I think, but it's still on pause.
Rangers made using Wood Elf Way watchers
The counts as Howling Banshees, using Black Scorpion Pirate Girls, one Mordemhiem Wytch Elf and a named 3rd Ed character.
Shiny new donkey to the first person that names the character,{disclaimer, donkey might not be new, or shiny or in fact a donkey but just a smug feeling of being correct}
The HQ section, half of which are no longer legal,like the one at the back with Shadow Spector jump pack, Banshee mask and prism rifle
The Avatar of the World Spirit, not a tree man ancient at all.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Thought And The Potential Of The Latest Preview

Pretty sure there is plenty of posting on the blog o sphere talking about these already, so I'm adding my take to that long list. My thoughts on seeing the War Cry Daughters of Khaine were "wow those would look great in a Harlequin army, which of my Troupes could I fit them in, and what roles would they fill?" It didn't take long to come up with some answers to the self set questions.
This one was an easy option for me, I'd use this as a Death Jester or at a pinch as the Trouper with a fusion pistol, as the twin pistol minis denote the fusion pistols in the old metal minis.
This one my only thought was a Solitaire, zero work needed. If you did want to convert it, swop one of the arms for a shuriken pistol and you can call it a Great Harlequin.
Fiddled with the lightning levels on this one, when I saw it my first thought was a shadow Seer from the top picture when I saw the video and the glave I was absolutely thinking Shadow Seer, if you wanted to though you could use it as a Great Harlequin.
When I saw this one my main thought was "I could never do that face justice" then I saw her hobbit feet. Okay my negatives aside the option of a tragic mother during The Fall stage projection worked for me, either as a Shadow Seer weaving the story or Great Harlequin playing the role. I will be buying the War Cry box for sure, and adding those to the Wyld Ones Troupe to replace the old Wardancers in there and maybe the Death Jester, the cloak and glave works well for another Troupe Leader in my Grand Masquerade, The One Who Takes, the rest I can work out when the box is released.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Social Distancing

But you still want to intimidate a mother fucker.
Considerably large amounts of gin have been consumed today, so no hobby just memes.

Monthly Vow, April The 14th to May The 12th

Oops, couple of days late here. Well after checking the last Monthly Vow post, I look to have hit the target and made a start on the next month's before I got this started. Target for the coming month, I'm finishing off the last metal venerable Dreadnought as a Chaplain Dreadnought for the Lion's Blades, as well as getting on with a couple of squads Intercessors, beyond that, there's still Lazarus and the Night Haunt Knights that are coming in 2 weeks from Mortal Realms, depending on distribution issues.
Review Time
Oh yes, the night I forgot my glasses... I started with the White stuff, getting the White Scar Terminator and the Luna Wolf pair started.
The next night I made sure I bought my glasses, and then made a start on the White Scar Tartarus, with a crack at free hand tribal designs, which isn't to bad.
And the pair together.
The Luna Wolves officer was finished with gold trim and black.
Then the Dreadnought was finished.
The pair of these look well together.
The next night was the green night, I started off with the very ungreen Nagini, again this was a requested colour from my daughter.
Next up was Voldemort, with his green robe and pale skin. Just a shame its a recast.
The Salamander Tartarus was also done on the same night, with another light bit of free hand.
The Salamander pair.
The blue night, the Night Lords pair and the Ultramarine, for the Night Lords I watched the how to paint video, and it seems I've deleted the painting photos of them.
The Night Lords pair, while I personally prefer the axes I will use the lightening claws in October.
And the Ultramarine officer, yes that is a Dark Angels sword.
And the Heresy that is the Ultramarine dread and it's companion.
The Talons of the Emperor box got added to the Armies on Parade board, taking the total pairs up to 19.
For a change of pace I bought a Wild West Exodus Legendary Lincoln. The last shot with Secuitor was for a size comparison, he might yet end up in the Stormcast army.
The parade board.
I made a start on planning the 2021 board.
Some bases and some spray painting.
And a couple of star gazing photos.
The grave yard that came with Mortal Realms went down well with a coworker who asked if I could get one for her.
She is looking forward to the rest of this set arriving.
The Castigators and Secuitors got finished
The Knight Questor was really nice to put together and paint and with an additional layer of averland sunset to the Stormcast cloaks I was able get the finish I wanted to get the sun rise I was using as my inspiration.
And in a surprise move the Necron Knight got rebooted.
And I got a pretty good photo of the Super Pink Moon over Winter Hill.
I put the legs and feet together on the Chaplain dread, ended up with some green stuff holding the foot on.
And the last thing I did was the Tomb Banshee, I was aiming for a Miss Havasham vibe with the wedding dress.