Friday, 25 February 2022

Pakal The Great

 So last year I had a lot of the Primaris Astartes characters spare so I made a number of conversions, one of which was the Action Ezikael. 

When I made that one I felt I needed to do a 4 armed Necron lord to stand against him. The problem I had was none of the Necron characters I had felt right for what I wanted. It wasn't until I got the Chronomancer with the Imperium series that I had what I needed.

The 4 arms are from an Adeptus mechanicus box as are the swords, the head is from a Night Haunt kit.

I gave it a base coat of corvus black, the inner areas had a layer of Dark Angle green, and a couple of layers to attempt a glow effect, the metal bits had an iron warrior base coat and a lead belcher layer while the ceramic parts had an ushabati bone base coat, a sepia wash, a layer of screaming skull and a layer of Pallid Wytch Flesh. On the sword edges 1 has a red edging, 1 green, 1 blue and 1 yellow.

Hope to get the group photo of action Ezikael and Pakal the Great together over the weekend. 

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Several Things

I finished off the Storm Speeder this morning when I get home by adding the green running lights on this side and some colour points on the dash, as I'd left the green at home. 

I found the Beliel Primaris I'd started ages ago and stalled on. 

And what I had planned to do tonight, which was Pakal The Great, the Necron Lord I have been meaning to build since I finished the action Ezikael Primaris Librarian. 

Got the 4 arms ready to go, spent a fair part of the night just making the shoulders fit under the cowl. 

The head comes from a Night Haunt kit. Will get some separate images of the arms before I green stuff them into place. I'm planning on doing the flame effect under the head plate, the other option is iron warrior metallic as the majority is going to be ceramic, the links on the cloak and joints will be iron warrior metallic and I've brought some blue, green and yellow to add some colours to the sword edges

Monday, 21 February 2022

The Storm Speeder

 Back on nights, back to building stuff and getting paid.

My mate had bought the storm speeder for his Legion of the Damned army but changed his mind and I bought it off him. It sat in the to do pile for a while and going back on nights gave me a chance to get this one built, I'm bringing some paints in with me on my next set of nights to paint it.

The turret is nice, I am going to use some magnets so I can swop out the different weapons and not have the worry of breaking the plastic stubs the weapons sit on. If I wasn't so cheap I'd be happy to glue whichever one in place and leave it at that. The ball turrets and front weapons are nice interference fit.

As a build its one of the ones I wish I hadn't left so long as its a lovely kit. 

And there are definitely design cues taken from the javalin varient land speeder 

Once I get a game in with it I can decide if I want to go and buy some more of them. 

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Land Speeder Typhoon Leader

When I went down to Warhammer World last year, one of my land speeders had crunched in storage and was held together with blu tac for the day. 

Once home i had a trawl through ebay looking for something to use as a lead mini for the missile squadron and found the old metal version, minus pilot and gunner for a reasonable amount.

The legs are seriously rough, cut and green stuffed and tweeked so they fit under the dash.

The scale creep between this and the next plastic version mean that pilot and gunner don't have the inside shoulder pads so they'll fit.

I mounted the typhoon missile pods under the body as there isn't a stand for it.

Painted it with a prime coat, a base coat of corvus black, a coat of black templar contrast and highlights off mechanicus grey.

While down in Manchester on Tuesday I picked up the subjugater patrol box by mistake and The Book of Judgement, I dropped into the Warhammer Manchester store and ordered the palanite enforcer patrol box which arrived today. I'm looking at ordering Servilan as well and trying to locate the old Cal Jerico mini I've ended up with for my groups up coming Necromunda campaign. 

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Monthly Vow 1st Of January To The 12th Of February 2022


Not sure how well I've done with targets, need to go and check.

Total different objectives achieved than what I had "originally" intended to do.

So next month as long as get more than 4 days off work like I've had since January the first, a mate dropped off one of the new land speeders, so I'll do that alongside the metal land speeder I have stripped, these will be for the Lion's Blades 2nd Company, I'm also going to use the Necron character that arrived with the Imperium series as the base for the 4 armed cyber warrior, for which I need to dig out the mechanicus warriors for the swords. Based on current outlook those 3 are plenty to aim for.

My game group is starting a Necromunder campaign, I'm getting the Palantine Enforces, this isn't something I'll aim for for March as my plan is to order the base box, book and Aeldari Codex together and there's no date for the Codex yet. Thinking the Corvus black and blues as highlights. And if the Ash waste expansion has vehicles they'll be the same force, depending on what the Enforcers get options on.

Review Time

I started January with a small challenge / test from an online mate of mine.

"You'll notice the maplewood finish I've given the tanks:

Reddy brown? I have a Dreadnought spare, no tanks though. 

 Oiled bronze armor

Brass Scorpion and nuln oil should be close enough

 with spruce capes.

Dark angle green, or 4 or 5 washes with Coelia Greenshade. 

 Goldenrod highlights

Several shades of gold 

. The Eldar 

No spare Eldar... 


Pink horror

and seafoam cloaks, 

Green Sea, blue sea or grey sea foam? 

and yellowed ivory for highlights

That one is no problem at all

 Their armor and ships carry forth the theme with a pearlescent cream color."

That one is going to need some researching

"Pine cones, needles, and cranberry cream candles provide an inviting yet intimate field upon which the armies meet."

And pleading infirm eyes to actually make candels and pine cones to scale. 

@Poxy Proxy Predator, paint that!

Just need some Eldar and promised to pack up my paints till new year.

Probably be some repainted first born marines as well"

I bought a Farseer and some metal  Rangers and the Ranger from Blackstone Fortress for this, I also picked up another Primaris Lieutenant to paint as well, and having no tanks spare I used a Dreadnought.

I did all the Aeldari in one batch with the pink horror armour and 2 different bases of grey on the cloaks, the Farseer had both lighter the inner robe and darker on the outer robe, weapons were all ushabati bone, seraphim sepia wash and screaming skull highlights. Belts are all agrax earthshade leather process.

The runes on the Farseer had a final highlight of Pallid Wytch Flesh. 

The shield was pretty much a test piece for the Lieutenant and the Dreadnought with a balor brown base and reikland flesh wash, I got some suggestions for highlights from Preston Warhammer store, but that was more for the dread, the brass had the brass base and a brass layer and a highlight of Cynoptek alloy.

The armour had the same layers as the shield, I forgot it was supposed to be oiled brass and so used the Reikland flesh wash instead of the nuln oil. Not that I'm ever planning on building a Minatour Army but I'd be okay using this.

The dread had a base coat of Belor brown with a reikland flesh wash on, then a Zandar dust layer, then an ushabati bone highlight. Yes that did feel strange to be finishing with ushabati bone.
Any brass sections had the same process as the other brass bits and I used green as a contrast colour. 
Hopefully, even with Witch Queen released for Destiny 2 on the 22nd I can get a bit more painted next month. Yes I know this is 3 days early but I'm on nights till Friday morning and doubt I'll be doing anything requiring fine motor control on Friday as I'll be pretty much a zombie 

Monday, 7 February 2022

Finished A Dreadnought

 The perfidious Aeldari Ambush Astartes of an unknown chapter.

With only 4 days off so far this year I've not had a lot of time to hobby.

I started the Dreadnought on Saturday with a base coat of Belor brown and a wash of reikland flesh. 

As you can see forgot a background in the first photo. 

Next was a layer of Zandar dust. 

And then a highlight of ushabati bone. 

The metal trim was given a brass Scorpion base coat, the brass layer and a highlight of Cynoptek alloy, with the scrolls getting a couple of washes of Coelia Greenshade. 

As I said this was a challenge from a mate and I think I got it close to what he was asking for with sandalwood colouration.