Saturday, 31 August 2019

The Boltstorm Aggressors Get A New Home

With the latest marine Codex out and partially digested I thought I'd shuffle some stuff around between the armies. The Hounds, having had its dreadnought Cadre corrupted, have lost their boltstorm Aggressors and Reivers re-assigned to The Lion's Blades. The first squad of 3, the long legged version, have had a simple black re-paint, with red detailing.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Completed Mortis

Had a birthday this week my youngest is no longer young. Got the hands sorted for the Mortis Casterferrum dread yesterday.
One hand had a base of ushabati bone ten the screaming skull and finally a couple of coats of Deepkin Flesh, the other hand had a base coat of Wazdakka red, evil Sunz Scarlet and then wild rider red.
And the Storm Talon.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Second Company's 4th Squadron

With a thank you to the chap in Japan that's buying Conquest off me who agreed to swop 2 bases for the older style I was able to get the 4th Squadron finished, just need a second coat of screaming skull on the base rim to call the squad done.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Re-Worked The Mortis Casterferrum Dreadnought

Another old dread updated, this time a 2nd edition Furioso dreadnought I've given a sideways promotion to a heavy bolter Mortis Casterferrum type. Only thing left are the hands, buy I didn't like the ones it came with so when I get some time I'm going to check my bits to make sure I have 2 of the closed hands that come in the plastic Björn the Fell Handed kit.
The colours for this are from an old, sold codex army I had a few years ago, back then it was what came before troll slayer orange and bleached bone. I stripped it and repainted it in Wild rider red over Wazdakka red and Deepkin Flesh over screaming skull, over ushabati bone.

Progress On The Mortis Casterferrum Dread and Scouts

Mortis Casterferrum dread is still WIP, needs some Wild Rider Red on the red half, brass on the trim and other bits, status indicators doing blue or green, lenses, but my eyes are going.
Scouts are done, now I have 3 squads of 10, 1 bolters, one pistols and knives and these with shotguns, there's also 10 snipers waiting for the next lot of snipers from Conquest, and a 5 man squad of early metal scouts, including the one with the Shuriken catapult, lead by a Sgt Nemann in the box already.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

More Scouts And A Heavy Bolter Mortis Casterferrum

It's nearly 2am and even with the big light and night mode activated, it's not great but I like to share anyway. I really liked how the heavy bolters looked on the the Blackreach dread that I did for the Death Guard, I'm upgrading a 2nd ed Furioso into a heavy bolter Mortis Casterferrum dread for fun.
Once the green stuff is set I'll add the Zinge Industries bendy ammo feeds to the guns and the ammo hoppers on the back of the arms.
And nearly finished the bolter squad just bases to do on those.
The sniper is waiting for the next lot of snipers from Conquest to arrive, so I can paint all I want together, and yes that was done and dusted in day light hence the better photo.

Monday, 19 August 2019

2nd Squadron Of Land Speeders

Next squadron of Land Speeders done and that conversion is just too rough to salvage, I've stripped the wings off it and look for a cheap speeder to work with to do a second Talon Master to lead this squadron.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

A Simple Rider Swop

edit on 8th of June 2020, yes I do plan to convert a new marine bike a d rider to this stance when we get them
I have already converted a rider to the Kenada stance, I did it so long ago I can't find the photos in my Google photos archive. While I was still in bed this afternoon I dug out the bike in question, and as it was a push fit, swopped the riders over, when the bases arrive I'll move the bike onto a base that matches the rest of the squad and put one of the attack biked on that 60mm base

Arkan Land"s Amazing AntiGrav Speeders.

Got to say the Land Speeder kit is beginning to show its age, 3 from Conquest and one from ebay that may not get finished as it very roughly scoured from the conversion work already done on it. Plan tonight is to read the vanilla marine codex, drool over the Contemptor and give it a wash, maybe give these another coat of black if time allows.
Patched up the wing and refitted the grav device but there's plenty that's still wrong with it, might just move on from this one.
Just a coat of black and some red to do on the others.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Land Speeder, Scouts and Something Else

Before going to bed yesterday lunch time I sprayed the 3 Land Speeder sprues black, I only brought the one with me to put together tonight, mostly for the practice as the last one of these I built was a Storm and that was a long time ago.
I'm planning to bring the other 2 sprues and the one that came in the lot of bits to get a coat of black on that. I'll be going over all of them again with the black to make sure it's more even than I managed with the rattle can.
These scouts are metal and are the bolt pistol and knives squad with missile launchers support. Plan is to pack the bolter scouts that need painting / touch up.
One of the last units from The Glorious 1000, this one is going to get an acetone bath to clean it up and a minor upgrade, I'm planning to give this two sets of twinned Heavy bolters, in the same way I did with Math, son of Mathonway, turning this second edition Furioso dread into a Mortis Casterferrum dread, it'll still be in the Ordo Astartes strike force.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Bikes, Tracks And The Wrong Footed Eddie

I made a start on the Conquest bikes this week, as well as this one which I'm using as a Sgt, I think it's a recast as it doesn't have the weight if a Forge World resin mini, it came in that big bag of bits I won on ebay.
So now just waiting on some scenic bases for this lot, so they're all on the same size base.
Also yesterday I was visited by a couple of post officers, one dropped the Kroot heads as well as the mk3 Iron Hands head I'd ordered at the weekend, I immediately tried this one as I really wanted to see how it looked, with and without the extra armour. I'm going to leave the front plate off on this one.
The second post man brought me Eddie, and I noticed that the person that had built it had made a mistake, they put the greaves and the feet on the wrong way round. It went into the freezer for a couple of hours which weakened the glue on the feet and the hips, but not the knees. I'm off to the shops after 8 to get my food for the next few nights at work and some detol to see if that will dissolve the glue on the knees and let me swop them round, and do the floor in my kitchen. While I was on Facebook yesterday I saw the post from Knight Models for the Year 2 Chamber of Secrets box, it's £115 but there's plenty of stuff in it, so will be going out after 9 to the bank to see how much I have in the savings account before I order that one.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

11/08/19 WIP

Spent the majority of the weekend working on the legs for this one. My orginal plan was to paint it for the Iron Hands, but I'm thinking of doing it for my Ravenwing now, as I'm replacing the rather poor Ravenwing dread with the DA Contemptor.
I've also been out in the shed spraying all the blue Conquest bikes and land speeders

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Monthly Vow, 12 of August To The 12th Of September

photo heavy, accidental dread filled month
A couple of days early, but it does mean I get weekend off. Yes I too noticed a complete lack of scouts, bikes and Land Speeders in the month's end photos. . . There had been zero intention to make this a dread filled month and yet it was. August to September will be scouts and bikes and land speeders, with a repaint for the Hounds Reivers and Boltstorm Aggressors to make them Lion's Blades, around those I'll also keep up the conversion work on the dreads for Dread Tober. Review Time
I started off with the Marnius Calgar Redemptor plan, adding some of the marine suit bits to a Redemptor Dreadnought, I later swopped the arms for a dread Knights arms and magnetised the gatling cannon on one hand, which I don't actually have a photo of. Could do with building the Redemptor this month and see how those arms fit.
Very early in the month I did at least rough up the Scouts so I knew what I had and ended up with 10 shotgun scouts and a number of fillers in other squads. Interesting thing I did do was scrap one of the Space Crusade missile launcher guys and give that to one of the Scouts.
The same weekend as I organised the Scouts, I also dug our the chaos dreads and did some things with them, the Dark Vengeance helbrute got transferred to the death guard dread mob, I have not done another conversion that has just flowed together as easy as this one, also the green meany got a bit more done on it. A busy weekend in deed.
When the dread knight arrived I happily butchered it, the weapons came off the arms and the arms came off nice and easy. I had a couple of dreadnought assault cannon arms that I had cut the cannon off in the past and was able to mount the flamer on an arm for the dread Tober Salamander dread.
Now this was thrown together in response to the blurry images seen in the background of the Primaris Lieutenant's twitter photos, I'm hoping the actual walker has an option arm gun so I can mount that instead of the plasma cannon. The missile pod was a pain to get right as I didn't want it to dissappear into the support arm socket, I decided to put a bit of sprue over it and magnetised the mount, the mini gatling cannon just went over the socket nicely.
At the same time as the dread knight, I was also working on the green meany and Math's bolter arm, plenty of green stuff has been used on this lot, I had to buy another 3 feet of green stuff from Troll Trader, with the great service as always.
Over the course of the month I'd bought a large assortment of bits, mostly dreads but some bikes and a drop pod minus the fins, and set about playing around with those, the Venerable hull has ended up with a standard dread set of legs because of the weight issue with it. The over sized fist has ended up on the Ultramarines dread and Math , son of Mathonway, got started. Orginal idea was to use the metal chaos dread then I realised that I had a Blackreach dread not doing anything, after its feet had been donated to the Ultramarines dread.
Frankly the Hounds dreadnoughts are down to 1 Redemptor after this. The mono pose Contemptor got the death guard upgrade.
I then finished the green meany and hislittle friends.
The Contemptor got some more work
As did Math and his green stuffed base, which is to hide the fact he doesn't have feet.
I finished off the Dark Vengeance helbrute. At this point I was beginning to question the actual utility of a scythe as a weapon.
The Predator and the drop pod got done, the Predator had had a couple of chaos plates removed so I smoothed those over and touched up the paint and the drop pod got a repaint.
Bit more work on the Contemptor, I mounted the scythe in the same manner as the Contemptor chain fist, rather than going with it in a clenched hand.
And Math got his other arm, with a heavy bolter. I like this conversion and I thinking of doing an Imperial version at some point.
Finished the Contemptor of Contagion and Math, son of Mathonway.
Another one for the 30k Dreadnought army project, this one will be one of The Emperor’s Heralds. That head was pulled and will be used on a different project later.
The Warden of Rites got stripped down, picked clean and re painted, the armour plate on the back of the hand had been misplaced when I started this, so I used a Warlord titan bit instead and green stuffed a chapter badge on it.
The Herald got a bit more work, need to strip it though before I paint it grey and the heavy weapon pack arrived, I filed down the stub on the weapons mounts so it doesn't look out of place with the magnet behind it.
The few things were the Björn Contemptor and what I'm intending to be the Emperor’s Children dread. I've had fun this month the Death Guard dread mob was great, I really enjoyed the conversion process with them and the dread Tober stuff has been good to, I just need to focus on the The Lion's Blades stuff this month and not get carried away with the sonic dread and other things.