Saturday, 19 March 2011


Okay to make the sharing of photos a bit easier I'm going to put a link from here to my facebook page so that readers, and it's nice to know that there are some out there, can have a look at what I'm working on right now. Any photos will either be in the Game Stuff folder or Mobile Uploads folder. You might need to send me afriend request to view the pics, just put Poxy Proxy Predator in the Add a Message box

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Not Excatly Plan A

Seems I'm having to change my plan for my Lost and Damned army as the Codex I was taking it from is no longer a game legal book. Thankfully I now have the updated list taken from Imperial Armoury Book, and with a little bit of a re jig this army is still a goer.

Basic Change is it's now, at it's core, a Renegade Imperial Guard Regiment (Mechanicus Skitarii in this case), so with that in mind I've shifted the 3 made models around, the Titan Tech Priest is now the main HQ choice, the Iron Father and the self made Tech Priest model will be leading a squad of Androids each in an allied role to the main troops choices.

Fast Attack options are going to be Sentinels the Android Attack Bikes, when made, and either a Hellhound or pay for a squadron of the Salamander Scout tanks from Forge World.

My Heavy Support is limited to 1 tank, 1 artillery piece and a Heavy Weapon Company. So I'm taking a Leman Russ Vanquisher and a Hydra Flak Tank with a some heavy weapons teams as well.

Elites will be fun, I get to convert a few Ogres to make them 40K, plan will be to get a box of Ironguts and play around with them to see what I can get and maybe a Maneater as well to top them off. As well as this unit I'm taking the an elite squad of Guards and putting them in an APC with one of the Enforcers attached to the squad to give them some heavy hitting close combat power. And lastly I'm adding my Android Terminators as allied elites, in the army list it gives you the option of having a Marine squad as elites, but I prefer the allies and taking them where they should be.

The Enforcers I've mentioned will most likely be made out of Space Marine Scouts as they come with the option of buying them Carapace Armour, and 5 of those is cheaper than 5 Commissars will be, or Arbitras for that matter.

And the troops choice is going to be a mix of Catachan Jungle Fighters, Zombie and Skeletons to represent the mechanised nature of the troops. Plan is to have one combined platoon with heavy weapons and to sit them on any objective I have in my deployment zone and 3 Armoured Fist Squads to zip forward, and with the elite unit, capture any that I can, I may just add a heavy weapon or 2 to these squads, I'll have to play with them first and see how well this army woks in it's natural state