Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Skyweavers For The Masque Of The Breaking Dawn

It was oringinally going to be the Masque Of Twilight but why not rip off a single book rather than the whole series and get a hint in at tbe new background reveiled in Codex Harlequins?
So finished off the 4 jet bikes I'm using as Skyweavers, there will, eventually, be more, made from the actual Skyweaver kit at some future point, for now this is it.

All 4 of Troupe Deathstrike, as said before these guys are all based on Batman Villians and the pilots all have Deathstrike as their Star Player.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Forge World Bulletin #53

No info on what army this gentleman is for but I'll bet a quarter of my weekly food bill that this guy is Solar Auxilliar HQ

And 2 nice photos of the event only mini, his special rule allows him to take Robots in his unit, here he is painted up for a studio Emperors Children

And a studio Death Guard army

Sunday, 29 March 2015

WIP Saturday 28/3/15

I had a late start on Thursday so dug out the counts as Skyweavers and started painting them up,

and being off on Saturday meant I could spend some time messing around with them, I've added some big guns to the last 2 bikes, a Splinter Cannon and a Blast gun, the Splinter cannon went onto the front, the blast cannon went onto the side with magnets and green stuff.

I then began to paint them up in Deathstrikes colours of black and orange. I like how these have come out and will add some diamonds when I get another fine detail brush.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

First Game With The Harlequin Codex

So got the first game in with the new Codex last night, 1000 points with 4 players so 2000 points a side. The Masque Of The Twilight Players alongside a Wyldrider Clan from Saim Hain against Tau and nids.

I took Cegorachs Jest and The Heros Path Formation Saim Hain took a lot of Wraiths. My Harlequins were outnumbered by the nids and outgunned by the Tau, I pretty much ignored the Tau for the first part.

The Skyweavers did okay, I didn't get much shooting in with them before they got swamped by gaunts in close combat, I forgot the hit and run rule and if I had other elements would have been hit by them. They took 2 turns to go down and took a large number of gaunts down with them.

The Voidweaver Squadron The Diplomatic Corps did well, although I think in future I'll go full Prismatic Cannons over Haywire Cannons, as the various settings the cannon has give it great flexibility. They took out the Zoanthropes and by accident took some wounds off one warrior squad.

Troupe Milliner did okay, taking a Carnifex out in close combat, love the Kiss Of Death attack, but didn't do to well in the open.

The Heros Path did well. Distracted half of the Tau's shooting for one turn, the Solitaire took shoots from 2 Fire Warrior Squads, a Crisis suit and everything from a Sky Ray in 1 turn, being given 8 wounds. He saved 7 of them, being taken out by snap shots next turn when they charged the Crisis Suit next turn. The Shadow Seer took him out in the close combat. The Death Jesters shooting didn't go well, I should have just stuck with using his cannon as a cannon rather than using Shrieker ammo.
Yes I had fun, yes I'll be taking these 2 again in future and I look forward to the games I get with them.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Forge World Bulletin #52

Latest bulletin is live, couple of crowd shots at Adepticon, a sneak peak of a Tank Hunter for the Legions

And the Crystal Brush entries

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Done Something!

Well I've started this project...

Started off by taking the guns off the backs of the jet bikes, fitted one under the front and the other on the side to represent the option cannon.

I also made the other 2 up as well, I plan to put these 2 in the Star Players, the Caress I'm thinking of painting as Cat Woman the other one I'm thinking of painting as Azreal

Saturday, 21 March 2015

More From Victorias Miniatutes

Not much content wise as it's mostly different angles on the tank along with some heavy weapon teams. Not much else leaked or on show cropping up on Facebook.

Sneaky Shot From Adepticon

Looks like Victorias Miniatures have a Matilida type Battle Tank. Looks good.