Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Stalled For The Nighy

Brought half the sprue with the Shadowspire Lieutenant and Suppressor tonight along wit a B sprue, first thing I did was clip out the Lieutenant and the 2 suppressors, before I also clipped the 3 Infiltrators out as well but put those aside for tonight. I got the Lieutenant assembled and painted painted up to a point, although it turns out 2 of the parts for the Lieutenant, the second knife and the glide vanes, are on the other side of the sprue. The Suppressors are also on a pause as I get some bits in to stand them on and remember what sort of squad they are.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Second Squad Of Eliminators

Spent the time tonight getting the 2nd set of Eliminators done, same as last time with the painting, I just used the hooded heads on these and painted the rim to denote the squad. Thinking of making a start on the Suppressors tonight, already got 1 done so 2 tonight and 3 tomorrow.

Monday, 27 May 2019

First 3 Eliminators For The Lion's Blades

The light today is terrible, had to fiddle with the brightness on these photos , taken just 5 minutes ago. Finished the Eliminator squad of 3 this morning. Robes are a vallejo flat earth brown base then Tau Ocher with an agrax earthshade wash then a second coat of Tau Ocher, with a 50/50 high light of Tau Ocher screaming skull. The Grey hight lights are as natural as I could get them on the black armour. These are a nice little kit to paint and put together, as have most of the Primaris out of the Shadowspire box. Plan for tonight is the other 3 Eliminators.

First Squad Of Eliminators Started

Still a couple of bits left to do like the end of the barrels and high lights on the black but got the robes finished tonight, but it's coming up to 3 am and I'm going to bed will finish these off during the day tomorrow and have 3 more to do tomorrow night.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

New And Old Marines

Got some painting done tonight, 3 of the Infiltrators and a Lieutenant in Power Armour for the 10th Company. The old metal mini alongside the newest marines is a nice thing to my mind.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Event Lieutenant

I've converted this mini slightly, mostly just to ensure its wysiwyg with 2 pistol holsters and a bolter. Might do a touch more on the head as I'm not too happy with the hair.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Minor Conversion Of The Event Lieutenant

At the Warhammer Fest last weekend a mate of mine had gone down and participated in one of the events, he also picked up the Event only Lieutenant Amulius for me. I picked it up from him today at the Preston Warhammer store, but my depression was kicking me in the head and I couldn't stick around for the anniversary mini, I needed to get out of the shop as it was way too full for me. Once home and feeling mildly better I dug through the bits looking for a holster, so it is sort of wysiwyg with bolt pistol, plasma pistol, I don't have a spare bolt rifle but it does have a sword. Being drunk I'm not going to start painting this till my next night in work which is Monday.
The plan is to paint this one for the Lion's Blades Primaris Company.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Dread Tober Plans

Before I went to watch John Wick chapter 3 today I had a dig through the dread weapons box looking for a frost cannon I thought I had but I think I used it already on the Redemptor Björn, but what I did find was the old Tarantula twin las cannon mounts from Mission Dreadnought that I'll never use as Tarantulas but I am slightly more likely to use them on a dreadnought.
One issue I do have is that the autocannons are a bit loose on the stubs so I am thinking of swooping over to magnets which is something I rarely do on dreads I build but is something that you sometimes need to do if somebody had glued the arms in place, but there's still plenty of time before I need to decide.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Eliminator For The Lion's Blades

Chopped off the first sprue from the Shadowspire box, and built and painted the eliminator that was on sprue B.
I quite like the second robed head, and I'm seriously thinking of swooping it with the captain's shouty man head.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Master Of Possession

I again started this one last night before finishing it off tonight. I began by giving the robe a coat of the brown I have and the the fur got the Palidus Mor mix grey base coat, everything got an Agrax earthshade wash. Once that was dry the robes got a couple of things coats of Tau Ocher, this was highlighted with a 50/50 mix of ushabati bone and Tau Ocher before a ushabati bone fine line highlight. The fur got a coat of Eshin Grey then a dry brush of Mechanicus Grey and a few strands got touched up with Fenris grey and a few with screaming skull. All the skulls had a base coat of ushabati bone, and then an agrax earthshade wash, once that was dry it got a light coat of screaming skull, the horns got a second coat of agrax earthshade and a light dry brush with screaming skull. All the flames, which I based on the blue burning lava, got a base of kantor blue, then thin coats of lighter blue up to altdorf guard. They then got a wash with draken what's it blue , once dry I picked our bit s with Fenris grey and Deepkin Flesh. The staff top got a gold paint job as did the leg armour trim, with the foot getting a Mechanicus Grey highlights with a touch of Deepkin Flesh on the high points.
This mini has been a pleasure to do, I kind of wish I had another one to paint.