Monday, 30 July 2012

Blade Sworn

This mini is sprawled on it's back, this is mostly down to the fact that it's another spare off the Venom spru and I couldn't be bothered to work out and dig out bits to make it work standing up and it does kind of work in the pose I've given it. The pistol arm came from the club bits box, it is a standard Eldar shuriken pistol arm

3 of the Blade Sworn, the one with her hands on her hips will be getting a head swop, well more like hat swop. Will be getting a Commisar and getting the hat off that and putting it on a different head. The 2nd is just a basic mini from the Venom frame, spawling and with a pistol arm, the last is the same as before, just thinking of getting a different arm on it. Will be looking for something to use as a Princess, something with a coat and will also be looking for a pirate hat to add to it.

This is the first one I did and the Venom itself, I was at first going to go with this mini as the Princess but have since changed my mind and taken the sword arm off and added a double dagger arm, as can be seen on the bottom photo

This is all 4 of the Blade Sworn along with the Venom. All are named after winds, the Vanom is Feohn, 2 of the Blade Sworn are named Pali and Haboob, I can't remember the names of the rest off the top of my head.

I am currently looking for a miniature to use as a leader.
I will be using a Void Dreamer as well and am thinking of getting a Harlequin Troupe Leader to be that model, but with a Tricorn hat and a raven I've got to be a counts as Grinx

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Roper Doper

Now I don't much go in for spreading rumor or making them (any more) but I noticed this and it isn't a rumor as there are the dates from this months (August 2012) WD and there are no Master Classes mentioned for Chaos at all...

Take what you will from this

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Reinforcements for the Vardar

I have been looking at, and pricing up, the bits needed to start making this Allied Force into a full army, 6 troops, 2 HQ, 3 Fast Attack and 3 Heavy Support. A lot of this stuff is going to be coming from Forge World and so I'm paying. A lot. I haven't crunched the numbers yet but to start with 4 Eldar Guardians box sets at £22, 4 Corsair Conversion sets at £18, 4 Corsair Heavy Weapon sprus at £16 6 Wasp War WAlkers at £25 and 6 of the Heavy Weapon sprus for £5, and thats hust the Troops!
Elites will be 2 Troupes of Harlequins, I'm thinking they will be made more from the Elf Blood Bowl team, just for the look of them, a bit more battle ready and I'll be getting 2 sqauds out of £31 instead of nearly £50 for the Finecast box of 6 and a Out Cast Craftworld unit, thinking maybe teh Shadow Spectors, these haven't yet been added into the budget yet as I'm coming up with this as I type.
Fast Attack will be 2 Squadrons of 3 Hornets, at £33 for one, with a Night Wing, £67, for Air Support.
Heavy Support will be 2 Firestorm Falcons, £36 each, and a Warp Hunter, again £36.
As to HQ well I've already got my Princess as to her body guard I'm thinking of taking some Incubi, £24, and will be looking around on line for a mini I can use as a Void Dreamer, also need somthing ot use as a Grynix. right now nither of these have a price. I'm going to go away, work out how much this is going to cost me and then have a little cry.

Vardar Corsairs

this is the leader for my Corsair allies to the The Lions Blades. This model is just one of the extras you get in the Venom kit all I've done is to add a Tomb King sword in the hand that would be grabbing the railing and then green stuffed an Empire Repeating Pistol to the arm to represent a Bale Light, a small laser weapon that causes a pinning test and a Shadowfield Geneator in one.
Paint job was a white base coat, I then washed both a few times with gw Sepia, then a white coat on certain areas with th Ice Blue added as a contrast colour. I also painted the scarf and towel orange to give her something more eye catching. I was asked on Facebook why I'd stopped work on the The Lions Blades and replied that it was because I'm waiting for the new Codex now, and I was also bored of painting black armour and wanted a change.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

6th Ed

Or, to quote Fish from Marillion singing in White Russian, Where Do We Go From Here?

Well with the addition of Allies I thought about what was missing from my army of elite Space Marines and I've decided to add some elite Eldar Corsairs to this force as one of my allies. I will get some Guard at some point to add some meat shields to my force but for now Eldar it is.

I've run up 2 lists for this force, one to be run as Harlequins with 2 Corsair Princes in Counts as roles, one an Avatar Of The Laughing God the other as a Solitaire, The Avatar gets a body guard of course, and a Void Dreamer as a lead Shadow Seer. Just having a quick look on the games Workshop web site and I'm thinking of making this focre more from the Blood Bowl teams than Guardians or Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors, but Harlequins are step 2. Step 1 is the Corsiar force,I ran this up at work last night; Corsair Prince with Blade Sworn bodyguard and a Venom, Harlequin squad as elites, Corsair Squad, Wasp War Walker Squadron to give me some jet pack big guns

A Hornet Squadron to give me some fast moving high strength big guns

And I was thinking of throwing the Harlequins into the Firestorm Falcon as that does have a small transport capacity

This army as I worked it out last nigh comes in to 1536 points which I think is fairly shiny as I can use it as a stand alone force as well as allies. The down side is a fair amount of this is going to be coming from Forge World and I did some quick sums last night and with just the walkers and grav tanks this force is going to cost over £250.

I've also spent a couple of days talking to people on Facebook about this idea getting opionions and that and I've named them the Vardar Corsair Brotherhood so keep an eye out for the Vardar tag.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Inner Circle

So over the course of a few months I've been slowly building up the Inner Circle for my Chapter The Lions Blades

From the top- Ravenwing Librarian on a bike to be retired and replaced with a Demigryph.
2nd row; Demigryph mounted Command Squad and counts as Sammael. 3rd row; 8th Company Commander, counts as Ezekiel, Interrogator Chaplin, counts as Azreal Company Commander, Company Commander in Terminator Armour, 1st Company Librarian in Terminator Armour.
4th row; 9th Assault Company Command Squad, 9th Compan...y Commander in Power Armour and Terminator Armour, Librarian in Terminator armour, needs repainting.
5th row; 3rd Company Command Squad, 3rd Company Commander, 3rd Company Librarian, 1st edition metal, 3rd Company Chaplin.
6th row: 1st Company Command Squad in Tartaror Pattern Terminator Armour, counts as Belial.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lions Blades 2nd Company Command Squad

These 2 photos are of my, at this point almost, finished 2nd Company Command Squad mounted on Empire Demigryphs. Top photo from left- Apoctheray mounted on a tabby, Sqaud Sgt mounted on a jellical, standard Bearer mounted on a tortise shel and my counts as Sammeal on his dragon, in a side on shot. Bottom photo same as front aspect