Thursday, 31 January 2013

Latest WIP

Old and New Comtemptors side by side
So this is the little chap that landed on my door step just before it snowed the other week, this is also the photo on my 250th post, never said I wasn't lazy, with his bigger son. Although now I think about it the new Contemptor is about the right size for a Dreadnought, scale wise.
As it's an older model, my oldest daughter is younger than this thing, and painted up in smurf colours, along side a Techmarine and a couple of Servitors, I gave it an accitone bath, stunk my house out for a couple of days, but I was adle to get it cleaned up and into it's seperate bits. also gave it a good going over with a tooth brush.
And here it is part painted, this is with the Dened Stone and Nuln Oil wash done, since I took this I've dry brushed Bleached bone and will also paint the hip ball joints and knees in black and give them a boltgun dry brush.

Monday, 21 January 2013

5 More Terminators

So with all the shiny new things coming from GW for the Dark Angels I thought I'd gop back and make some more of my scratch builds, also my spare money is being eaten this month by TNA at the MEN Arena this Friday. Both my kids are really excited to be going. This First photo is the weapons I made to go on the Terminators
This is halfway through cutting the legs off some old Space Crusade Marines that I'm not going to use for anything else
Exploded/unassembled view of all the bits being used in these.
And the roughed up blu taced versions to see how they'll look when finished

Friday, 18 January 2013

250th Post!

Well I've finially got my sticky little paws on an old style Chuck Dreadnought and it arrived in the post this morning, poor post was almost a snow man by the time I got to the door! first thing I did after unpacking it was to get the new Forge World version out and compare it size wise, and the old fella is only just up to the waist of the new kid. I'm also not to sure if my weapon load out I've received is actually leagel as it looks like I've ended up with both the Missile Launcher and the Las Cannon, but i know I can throw that out with the new DA Codex, so no worries there. My next step with the little fella is to get some more nail varnish remover and clean it up so I cna paint it up for the DA, it will be getting the Death Wing Vechiel upgrade as well, and, in background terms, is the Dreadnought the 9th Heavy Support Commander ends up in if it's vacant.

Saturday, 12 January 2013


So with the Codex out today and pay day on Monday, I'm stuck till then. So while looking through the shiny new things on GW's web site i saw that the Deathwing box came with lots of bits and I got thinking what can i make of that.I know I want some Cataphratcii Terminators in my 1st Company/Deathwing so my plan is to get the Deathwing Command Squad box set next month and then in April get the Cataphractii set i'll make the Cataphractii into a Deathwing Knights Squad and make the
box set as close combat as it's able to with that box, a couple might end up with 2 swords and be classed as lightning claws though. And some times the knights might just be down graded to Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields, but you know how it goes. All this planning just keeps knocking the Eldar Corsairs start date back and back...

Monday, 7 January 2013

What to choose

So apart from regretting buying the White Dwarf with all the lovely lovely DA stuff in it, as there is even less to read than before, I'm taken, yes I will be buying some more Terminators at some point, yes I will be buying a couple of the flyers, not to sure yet if I'll be buying the Land Speeders as I'd like to see how they do in a battle before I fork out my hard earned for them, and as I'm in the DA Facebook group I'm sure I'll hear something about them.
So I'm thinking for starters i'll get one of the flyers and try magnetising the thing so I can play as both, but I'll have to get one before I can see how badly that goes... Beyond that I've got my Corsairs to do, so some Forge World buying will be happening this year, The Glorious 1000 are getting rounded out to 2500, got a Forge Father to finish off for them and a Librarian in power armour, I keep looking on ebay for some old Imperial Robots to use as Servitors but they only have them in epic at the moment. While this is going on I'll be touching up my Assault Company and will of course be buying the Codex when it comes out.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Presents and Christmas WIP's

So here is my christmas hall, the 3 old Rhino based tanks are all going into The Lions Blades, the new Pred and the boxed stuff, which came from my dad are going into The Glorious 1000. AS I was out at my friends on the big day and had a sleep at work on Boxing day it took me a couple of days to get round to starting them. First thing I did was the Land Speeder Storm, as I've never built one before, and after reading about the Forge World MK1's coming at some point the next ones I get may well be going into The Lions Blades...
Here we have the Predator and the Land Speeder Storm yellowed. These where the forst models I'd used the new undercoat on, very thick, if my colours hadn't called for a black wash, note to self need more Nuln Oil, I would of been worried about how weak the yellow covered the undercoat.
This photo shows the Pred and the Storm alongside the Razorback, the Ironclad and the Stormtalon, I'm almost tempted to repaint the Stormtalon in an air camo so it fits better, with the Dread being an Ironclad, the Chapter colours fit as they wouldn't really be sneaking when storming an enemy held bastion. The base that Stormtalon flys above will be getting a desert paint job, as the guy I'd bought it off had already put some basing sand on it.
And while I was painting yellow inside, out in the yard the smurf tanks where getting a spray job. I'd had to break the turret off the Whirlwind and dig out the Tiger Turret I'd been using on my counts as mk1 conversion with blu taced heavy bolters on the side. It's not on in this photo.
So after doding the rain and working some more I was able to get them in and start on the detailing, being as lazy as I am I'm leaving these with just the black spray on them, rather than add another coat to them.
And here is my full completment of armour, only thing missing from this picture is my superheavy tank and the bikes
So I thought I'd dig it out and post a pic, as I've not even looked at it in months. The Rhino is to show the size of it. So what's next? Well the new Dark Angel Codex, some magnets and a base for my mortis dreadnought for this month, and that will be it as I need £60 plus train fare to take my kids to watch TNA at the MEN Areana on the 25th of January.

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Glorious 1000 2nd Company Command Squad

This is the Command Squad that featurs in the photo with my Mortis Dread. I traded the Daemon Prince I wasn't going to be using anymore for them and I got them from Austriala, so they are a well travelled squad. Thinking of giving them the title of Wardens of the Marchs and the nickname the travellers. First photo is just with the last of the old yellow base coat.
Half orange done.
the Deneb Stone half done.
detailing done.
Wash finished and captain with his command sqaud