Sunday, 31 July 2011

SoB WD Codex Plans

So after a quick read through the White Dwarf Codex my plan for the Corrupted Sisters is changed a little. At the moment I'm thinking of using the Sourceress, the Terminators and Chosen as Chaos Marines to represent the first to fall and the successful experiments of Fabius Bile. The Saint model will be used as a Cannoness and using the rest of the, to be bought, Sisters as Fallen Sisters who worship Slannesh. I will be planning on keeping The Acts Of Faith to represent the favour of The Chaos God as well as taking an Apostate Preacher with body guards, some Archo Flagilents fit nicely, will be looking at some of the other models as well to round that unit out.
As I have already said, plastic converted Terminators, plastic Dark Eldar Wytches and some metal Sisters of Battle

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Iron Warrior Deamon Prince Ideas

Sometimes it helps to be friends with the guy that runs my local papershop as I was able to get my copy of White Dwarf a day early...

So there I was reading through the mag at morning brew when I saw the new Zombie Dragon/Terrorgheist kit and it got me thinking of one of the shinest things from the White Wolf/Gurps role play game Demon Hunter X ; the Demon of Iron and Violence. This monster was the hardest adversary to kill in the game, as it should for a creature that was once what the players are now. So when I saw the Zombie Dragon my first thought was I could use that as my Demon Prince, just paint the bone metalic rather than bone and the muscles as flesh to represent a huge Cyber Demon. And it will give me a , hopefully, unquie Daemon Prince to go with the rest of my army.

The dreads are being sorted this week, the venerable is being bought this week and the Forge World order will be going in next friday. Just checking the price of the Venerable on Wayland compared to GW and I'm saving £6 on it and with post and package I'm still saving £4 so I think that thats where this one will be coming from.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

More like Plan A amendum 1.

While i was posting yesterday it completely slipped my mind that the XIX chapter isn't finished. I still need to get 1more box of Dark Angel Veteran Marines and 5 jump packs. These items will be bought after the Dreadnoughts and before the Daemon Prince.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Plan A(ish)

This is the orginal Assassin, a slightly better photo than the last one I put up ( this camera had auto focus)

So onto the point of this post, well as we now know that the Sisters of Battle aren't getting any minitures for their White Dwarf Codex I'm firmly putting them on the back burner till next year, so sorry no more Black Sisters till then unless I get those metals I was looking at for my 2nd squad of Chosen... 2 Dark Eldar Prisoners
2 Death Cult Assassins a Succubus as Champion and her with a standard. As we all know the less a woman wears in a fantasy setting the better her armour save is.

So back on track. This leaves the Knights of Blood and the Iron Warriors to fill out, and now as I have 2 jobs I can start buying again, I'll be doing these side by side rather than concentration on 1 at a time. My first 2 buys are going to be the Contepmtor Dreadnought from Forgeworld for my Iron Warriors and a Veneradle Dreadnought for my Knights of Blood that I'll be using as a Furioso as this gives me a fist like hand that will be able to hold the Naginata, a Japanese Pole arm weapon, that I'll be classing as a Force Weapon. After that it'll be a Deamon Prince modle for my Iron Warriors, then Terminator Assault Marines for the Knights of Blood. So, as the XIX are finished and SoB plastics aren't out till next year, I'll be buying one squad at a time and painting them up as, one time an Iron Warrior then as a Knight of Blood after I've got some more Blood Red.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

First time for the Infinity Circuit

This is the first time the Infinity Cirtuit gets a mention with the Spirit Warrior and the Ghost Warrior. You used to get teh Ghost Warrior in the blister pack for the Spirit Warrior. I did have one of these but I left it at home when I moved out along with most of the rest of my 40k stuff and my mother bined it all when she movec in with her new husband. She kept all the Star Wars stuff, broken used and painted as it was because in her mind Star Wars toys are worth something.

She's never forgiven me for painting the ATST up...

Space Ork DreadnoughtSpace Orks

Yes Space Orks as they were in first edition. Again you can see the design hasn't altered to much since the early days, just the designation.

Eldar Dreadnoughts

These 2 are the eldar Dreadnoughts from first edition as you can see design wise not a great deal has changed, apart from them loosing hte shoulder weapon mount.

Venerable Dread Close Combat Weapon

These are the photos of the Venerable Chaos Dreadnoughts close combat weapon. The only change to this I'm doing is to turn the saw blades through 90 dergress to the vertical axes and leave it at that.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Chaos Dread

I've had a thought this week and have got the Chaos Dread back out of storage as I know I can do a better close combat weapon than the one I gave it. I've rooted through my bits box and unused model kits and the engraving tool that I killed and ended up with the Plasma Gun off the model in the first place, I'm going to use this as a heavy flamer option, I'm using the machine gun from an unused kit as a shaft and will be afixing 2 of the circluar saw blades to the barrel, one on top t'other underneth. This is attached to the bottom of the Plasma Gun with some power cabling waiting to be attached when I next get some glue. So far the blue tacked mock up looks good, will be adding some fine detail to the gun barrel to make it look like the saw blades are chain driven, luckly I do have some thing that I think I can use for that.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Something To Do.

I've had a quiet weekend and a couple of weeks off modeling so I'm going to run myself a battle between the XIX Chapter and a mix from the other companies. Mostly to give myself something to do while I wait for my crb and references come through. I'll be playing a 1500 points a side and possible doing a close assault mission as well, which I've downloaded from the GW website. I'll post army lists and battle report with photos when I'm done.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Dreads Dread and a Chaos Dread

This is the Dread section of the XIX Chapter. The melta is from the Blackreach box set and the assault cannon is one I bought of a guy at the club. It does have a motorised cannon, but I'd need to spend some time playing with the wiring to get it spinning again.

This one is the Chaos Dreadnought from the Space Crusade game and, when playing as loyalist, I play it as a Venerable Dreadnought. I'm guessing that the design was inspired*cough knicked from cough* Robocops ED 209 Guardian bot, of course I could be wrong. The power claw is a conversion I knocked up from a Lego techniks arm and some grey stuff. I do have the alterante weapons for this which are a missile launcher and a plasma cannon, but I've only played it once and that was with the assault cannons.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Good News/Bad News

Well I've just had a phone call that contained some good news for me, I've been offered a job! Subject to checks and references. This kind of means 2 things to this blog 1 is I'll have less time to do the blog BUT, and, 2 it will mean that I'll be getting some more cash to get the stuff I want.

Old School Dreadnoughts

Above us is a picture of the orginal coloured page from the old Compendium showing eldar, Imperial(note Imperial not Marine) and Ork Dreadnoughts. Not Wraithlords, not Kill Kans, and Imperial Army Dreadnoughts. This was a first edition ruling and allowed for a much wider use of the Dreadnoughts. Major down side of this was that you got what came in the blister pack not what you wanted. The next 2 pictures are of the old Imperial Dreadnoughts, Chuck, Eddy and Fury. As I stated recently, and menationed them in a post, i couldn't remember what their full titles where so I photoed the pages from the Compendium and have put them up here for all to see. At the time of Rouge Trader you could field an Imperial Guard Army with Dreadnoughts a Rouge Trader contingent or a Marine army, but over the years the other 2 have been retconed out in sucessive editions of the game leaving only the Marine Dreadnoughts we know today.

The Ghost Warriors do actaully make it into the Compendium and I'll post those up next week, but they look a bit different than they do now.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

XIX Chapter

For a blog that's meant to be about the XIX I do seem to have ignored them somewhat. Well these 4 pics go some way to redressing that balance. This is one of my Chosen squads fo the XIX. This one has a range of weapons taken from various models and sources, I am very happy with the ork chain sword on the 3rd picture and the twin bladed chain sword on the 2nd pic. There is a mix of combi weapons and twin linked bolters and flamers

Friday, 8 July 2011

Requesting Infomation

Does anyone know if Forge World are planning on doing all 3 types of the orginal Dread? Chuck, Eddy and Fury, I can't remember what the full design specifaction names where. Okay done some research on this now and you can make the Fury and the Chuck as it stands now, but as of this moment in time the missile launcher to make the Eddy is not an opition. I'll keep bugging Forge World on their Facebook page till I get an answer.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Damn you Forge World

When I some cash behind me, and finish my living room, my next buy was going to be the Forge World Iron Warrior Dreadnought with Assault Drill left arm and the Chain Fist right arm. the idea was to make it look like an early type Ironclad, reason being Iron Warriors where seige troops so they would have a line breaker Dreadnought.

Then I got the Forge World email on Friday and I've been looking at 'Chuck'(from an artical in the old red covered Compendium) every day since and thinking when I can I get that I want one, 2 power fists with some minor alterations and yes my ironclad will be a proper center piece. Plan is to switch out one of the lower 'fingers and replace that with a flamer nozzle and stick a drill bit in the recessed fist on that hand, and go with the storm bolter on the under the other arm and another drill bit in the central recess

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Re worked Black Sisters part the second

The top image is of my HQ choices for this army on the left is my Slannesh Lady, this model is a minor conversion of the St. Celestine with an Empire Mattock, a Twin Linked Bolter and a Plasma Pistol, the Mattock is going to be a Daemon Waepon and the bolter does still have the 4 mags I was using when I was planning on running with this model as one of the missing Primarches,(let me know if you'd like to know more about that in a comment). The second model is an almost standard Serphim Sister Superor just with the old Dark Eldar Scourge winged jump pack insted of the fluted jump pack of the SoB, and this is my Sourceress

The bottom image, and not blurred for once!, is of the full painted strenght of this section of my army to date. As you can see it is very elite at the moment and I've only fought with the Chosen and the Sourceress so far and the Chosen tend to act like a fire magnet but they have taken out a Predator and a Land Raider and the squad that was traveling in the Land Raider as well before getting shot to pieces.

Re worked Black Sisters

Above we have the new colour scheme for the Black Sisterhood.

Top is one of the Sister of Battle Terminator Sqauds made from a collection of parts mostly Space Crusade Marine legs, being big and chunky, with a mix of weapons mostly from the Fantasy Chaos Warriors the top squad has a Heavy Flamer.

Second is the 2nd squad of Terminators, same mix of weapons, the 2 modles with skull shoulder pads denoate the squad champions.

The 3rd picture is of my Chosen squad, the champion is made from a Blood Bowl Amazon with 2 blades and a Sisters of Battle Flamer back pack, the 2nd modle is a standard metal Sister of Battle and the rest are made from Dark Eldar Wytches with Marine weapons

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

On a lighter note

Well as I mentioned yesterday i'm almost done on the army front, which is a bit of a downer as I now have no excuse not to finish my living room...

But I have found a copy of both the old Necromunda Rule book and Source book to keep my mind going. now plan A with these is to use them for small skirmish 40K games with elements of my collection in a terrian covered table top, so that means I have some terrian to build as well now which will be fun for me, after I've done my living room... I've been putting that job off for months now and am amlost ashemed of the amount of time it's taken me to get round to finishing it. Oh well got a big job to finish, but I will keep updating with books and other stuff as I go along.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Nearly Done

It's a bit of a sad moment for me today as I'm almost finished with this stage of my army. I've had a repaint of the Black Sisters to match the colour scheme on the St.Celestine model I'm using as the Lord choice. This paint job is rather basic but gives a good result, it's a base coat of Iyanden Darksun with a Liche Purple, very thin, wash and a contrast of Chaos Black on the chest, with the weapon picked out in a range of colours. Pictures to follow.
My next project is to finish off my Sanguinary Novitiate and then it's onto do my living room which is something I've been putting by doing this army.