Friday, 29 October 2021

The Stalker and The Dancer

 Finished the first 2 of the replacements for the Wyld Ones yesterday with the Stalker and The Dancer.

I don't know why, but I feel this could have come out better, I'm close to seeing if I can find this guy on ebay and trying again. I can't define what it is though I just think I've missed what I was aiming for.

But this one has definitely overtaken it with how it has come out. Again I can't pin it down but I'm happier with this one than the one that was the reason why I bought the box in the first place. 

Monday, 25 October 2021

October 23rd Trip To Warhammer World

 The trip down to Nottingham was a long time coming, and the 3 of us that made it had a great time, photos are going to be focused on the game, the teams from the Blood Bowl tournament that was on on Saturday and of course The Rhino Photo.

This was up in Bugman's Bar. 

The Rhino Photo

My mates Legion of the Damned army looked rather at home on the River of Souls table, got to say the river itself was a handy dice tray. 

The game was 2, 2000 points of Marines, my Lion's Blades 2nd Company and the Legion of the Damned against 4000 points of Necrons run by 1 guy who played a blinder.

It was so, so close 57 to 59 vp's with the Marines scraping a win when we called it at turn 4.

The Blood Bowl tournament teams from their lunch break.

After going back and deleting a few photos from the 150ish I'd taken on the day I'm adding some from the display halls. 

He did end up with a friend. 

I hadn't seen this one before, and the pics don't do justice to how big the Ossiarch Bone Reapers display is. 

A rather nice War of the Rings display. 

And the classic, which is as old as my oldest child...

And lastly the Corpse Grinder display... Board doesn't cover it. 

And don't ask what is in the Soylent Green.