Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Not Too Sure About This One.

Saw this on Facebook today, not sure for some reason.
Fairly sure we've seen this, it looks like someone scanned and rendered it.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Scrapper Squad

As I said before I would love to get enough copies of each of the prototypes to build a squad of each, but I lack the patients or the cash to fund it, so I'm okay with doing what I'm calling the scrapper squad, each suit is old, possibly the last suit still working in the armoury after the others have been culled for spare parts.
Now do I wait for November and the Cataphractii Terminator from Conquest, or do I go and find one on ebay to finish these off now?

Monday, 25 February 2019

Last 2 Nights

I cannot believe I've left the screaming skull at home. So the Terminators aren't finished
So I'm planning on getting these finish this evening.
I also finished off the apothecary for the Ordo Astartes strike force, a Red Scorpion

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Fits Like A Glove

I'd always wanted to pick up enough of each prototype Terminator Armour to make a squad of 5 of each, but I think that's beyond me patients wise if not financially, so I'm making a squad of lighting claws marines out of them instead.
This one arrived yesterday and got a bath. It hurt to cut the bolter off but it's a good fit, I them spent a good couple of hours with my needle files, hollowing out a space in the claw so it fits over the fist, before fitting the power cable on and green stuffing the claws on.
Fairly sure that's my application for heretech right there.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Seriously easy get back into the grind after sorting my army costs out with the Storm Raven that was orginally for the Knights of Blood getting a touch up to now be for the Lion's Blades. I've still got 2 Storm Talons in the same box, but I don't want to repaint one and I also have no idea which army I would want to paint them for.
The front ramp should also match the 3 Land Raider fronts as well.

Brought Up To Date

Updated 3 armies with the 2018 chapter approved, Harlequins were nice and easy now come in at 4,948, Star Leopards which still have a big build list, comes in at 2225, the Chaos army which is split into 2 Detachments, Cypherella Detachment at 1304 and Cato Detachment at
744 and the Hounds coming in at 3683. Just the Ordo Astartes strike force on the smaller side and the whole Lion's Blades to cost up can be sure I'll get the Ordo Astartes done and will make a dent in the Lion's Blades. Was able to get the Ordo Astartes strike force mostly done, just need the Dreadnoughts costing up but without them it's just shy of 3000 points. Over the last 2 nights around working I've concentrated on costing the Lion's Blades, I got the 1st and 2nd Companies done Sunday then realised I needed the Imperial Armour book to cost some of the dreads. With the Heresy dreads, it comes in at 10,096 points, but that is 3 armies.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Chapter Approved 2018

This week my oldest has been home and I've been trying to be awake during the day so as to get some time together, as a result Ivery hardly slept since Thursday, so no painting tonight, handily the copy of Chapter Approved arrived this morning. The up shot is I have updated my DA and Vanilla marines Codex. I did try to read the Sisters Of Battle beta but tiredness beat me. One up shot of this up date is I'm planning on adding the Storm Raven to the to do list for this month's Vow.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Smurf Propaganda!

The latest issue of Conquest has landed, and there's a piece about the War For Baal that seeks to rewrite the history of the war, and the last climactic battle. Apparently the Ultramarines arrived just in time to save the Blood Angels rather than just after Dante had killed the Swarm Lord.

Monthly Vow, 12th of February To The 12th Of March

Err, not sure what I'm going to be doing next month now I've decided to go with the dreads in March, my wage is not great for February I'm actually under hours for the first time in years. For now I have 2 Warhounds and a Terminator to paint, once the bills are out of the way I'll might see if I can afford a box of the new AT Knights to add to House Lancaster. After that I m thinking of reading a book or 2 as I've not really read for a while. I know I have 6 Intercessors and Hellblasters that I'm planning on painting, but I'm leaving those until the Sgt sprue is released with Conquest.
Started off with building the 3 Conquest sprues of Inceptors, Intercessors and Hellblasters, again these guys are now on hold until the Sgt sprue lands as the last sprue, to finish these isn't until close to the end. I'll be tempted to cancel my subscription when we've got that one and just buy from my local paper shop, I also rebased the relic assassin on a 32mm base and the Terminator with lightening claws counts as.
Next up was the 3 Inceptors, with these I've now got 2 full squads of 6 for the Hounds.
The old dudes got a bath, these will be built in March as Boltstorm Aggressors and there will be some moving around so there's one squad with long legs and one squad with short legs.
I then spent a while playing with the dremmel cutting down the flamers for this conversion.
And magnetiseing this, I just wish I had some autocannons I could cut down as well. . .
Then it was onto the Primaris Lieutenant and Master in Gravis Armour, both touched up black for this year's Primaris project. I didn't repaint the cloak as I actually like how this one looked first time.
Next up was the really old metal Librarian in Terminator Armour for the Primaris Company, and the Cypherella mini for the chaos project.
After those 2 it was on with the spares from the Aggressors box although spares is a bit much why it's a full 3 Astartes squad, as I already had plenty for the Hounds and The Lion's Blades, these are painted for the Star Leopards chapter. Before I finished the squad I started messing around with a dreadnought again.
This one is for the 30k Dreadnought army and will be painted for The Death Guard during March's Dread Filled Month.
I then went back and finished off the flamestorm Aggressors for the Star Leopards chapter.
By which point my subscription package had arrived and I was able to make up the 6 Reivers, I concentrated on the squad of 5 for the first night, but on the 2nd night I did the second sergeant in the Leopards colours just to see how it would look.
Before getting the squad finished bar the bases and squad markings, but I wanted to make sure that this 5 will match the other 5 I already have. The bases have got a coat of astroganite and are just waiting for a wash of agrax earthshade and dawnstone highlights. I'll be adding a full photo of this army when the next squad of 3 boltstorm Aggressors is finished, it will also be the first photo in the 2019 end of the line album on the Poxy Proxy Facebook page.