Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pirate Girls, more Boobs!

Okay here we have the other 3 Pirate Girls from Black Scorpion Miniatures, I've painted these the same as the other 2 only I've added more flesh as they are all showing a bit more skin. The only thing I've done any different with the 2 with swords and splinter pistols is I added a coat of bleach bone then washed with the nuln oil before dry brushing with the white I'm currently using.

And these 2 are showing the full force that I have right now, the only one missing is the Shuriken Cannoner off the Venom

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Girls! Pirates! Girls! Boobs!

Now I have somones attention, these are the female Pirates I bought from Black Scorpion Miniatures, as a small company I had to wait a week 10 days to get them, but they where worth the wait.
This top pic is how the 5 came out of the boxthe 3 girls above each other are ear makred as Squad leaders for now. the one with the Bee Hive and musket is my Void Dreamer, Myst'ral and the Skele is my Corsair Princess The Comtessa Sirocco

This shows the ladies part worked on, I've added a pony tail to the Comtessa, this also contains her Shadowfield, Myst'ral has had the musket cut down and filed half off to give me more surface area to glue on the Tomb King sword blade, I've also cut the flint lock off and gave it a quick brush with a file to make it look like a swords tang rather than a musket stock. The 2 models with guns and swords had the flint lock pistols cut off and replaced with splinter pistols, the model with 2 pistols has had no work done it it

This is show casing the 2 HQ miniatures in the Army, the first is just showing what work has been done, this is still early green stuffed pony tail and blu taced sword stage of work

These 2 photos are showing all the work I've done on these 2 minis. So I've already talked about the work done on them, so this is the end paint job. Each model has been based coated white, then a Sepia wash was added, a touch of Ice Blue ( I am going to have to buy the new version of Ice Blue soon and will be using that on the Squads). I then touched up the white areas and then gave the cloak and coat a nuln oil wash. I then 3 spent hours dry brushing both of them while I watch the last Once Upon A Time, Peter Kay Live in Manchester and Bad Sugar on Sunday night. Just have to hope my photos can show my meger talant off.

Edit; here is a link to the Companies web site as well

Friday, 24 August 2012



Just read the latest status update from Games Workshop Manchester letting us know that finally they can reviel what the big pre-order is. Come on guys everybody that wants to know what it is has already been online and found out what it is.

Monday, 13 August 2012

First 5th Company Post

First off I was rather bored after finishing the Venom the other week and had nothing to do for about a week outside of work so got to looking at spares from the Venom kit, and I saw the chain weapons and they reminded me of the old Dwarf Slayer model that had 2 axes on chains and worked like a Night Goblin Fanatic, and i though what would a Space Marine like that look like...

This just shows an uassembled painted version, at this point I wasn't to sure which of my 2 plundered Space Wolf back packs I'd use, so I base coated both of them and had a look at which one I prefered.

So Saturday morning I'm up early to do a Saturday sleep as a favour to a co-worker who hasn't asked to swop a shift in the last year. Like normal I was up early and before I had to set off I washed the base that I'd painted the night before with a sepia wash and then set off to work. Damn that was long weekend...

So these 2 show front and back assembled views with the Space Wolf Power Pack. My work around for this is that the 5th have close contections to the local maneless Lions of their homeworld. (Thinking something along the lines of The European Lion)or possbly The Cave Lion as these 2 are about the size of wolves). for the moment the right are is blu taced on for storage and transport.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Venom Foehn

The first photo is of the gunner for the Venom, he'll be being moved around at some point and shoe horned into one of the Corsair Squads as the Venom will be getting a missile launcher when I start getting stuff together for this army by buying all the kits from Forge World. The rest of the phots are just showing the Venom from various angles

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Comptessa Sirocco

The Sirocco family rose to nobility during The War In Haven. The first Compt Sirocco returned from the war with the blade and the head of his first kill, a Necrontir Lord. He'd had the Bonesingers fashion a helmet out of the head and fashioned a blade fit for an Eldar Noble. The First Compt handed them to his First Born, a girl. These items became heirlooms for the Family.


A Great Race


On an unnamed Craftworld, the young Scion of a once great house opens locks that had been sealed generations before. She takes an ancient gun, a gift from a Harlequin, an ancient blade and an ancient helmet that had been in the family so long, no one now knew the legends about where they came from. She left her family estate ablaze and heads for stars looking to forge her own legend.

Sirocco joined The Vardar and rapidly rose through the ranks. The Void Dreamer Mist'ral attached herself to Sirocco, the 2 of them forging the allience with The Exodite World of Coria which allows the Vardar to gather supplies from the Exodites as long as they provide support when it is needed.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Good News!

So over the weekend a couple of things happened, i got over 100 views in a day for the first time, I've also had the most views in hte last month I've ever had; 1,539. I also put my Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought into the Games Workshop Preston Store Monthly Painting Contest, where it placed 2nd behind a Black Dragon. Still 2nd place for my best work so far, re-painted into the Dark Angels Successor Chaptor I'm now running with can't be bad.
Photo credit to Games Workshop Preston for taking this pic of my Dark Angel Contemptor Patter Dreadnought.