Sunday, 31 March 2019

Warhammer World. 30/03/19

PHOTO HEAVY POST Our group had a day trip to Warhammer World yesterday, we booked a table and had taken 2 lots of armies, I played 40k as I'm still not decided on AoS yet, the next Fire Slayer book is getting bought. Anyway The Lion's Blades lost 8-9 in victory points, but claimed a moral victory by killing the Sourcerer and the Master of possession. After lunch we went around the display hall.
I smuggled the Cypherella in for a photo before we set up for the game.
So after a seriously spicy pizza and before we went round the display halls we had a noisy at the Throne of Skulls best painted cabinets. If I'd have had a vote I'd have voted for the Ork Nid hybrid army.
And finally got around the display hall.
Didn't find the assassin
Calgar has been upgraded to his final form.