Wednesday, 28 January 2015

On A Roll

As I may have mentioned I picked up the Contemptor and Bjørn The Fell Handed kits while down at Warhammer World on Saturday. Well I had 2 days off this week Tuesday and Wednesday and I blitzed both kits. The Bjørn mini has been painted up in the Deathwing of The Lion's Blades colours, and has been named Timber Wolf of the Planes People of Sah'Hal.
The Contemptor has been painted up as the the counts as Greater Dæmon of Khorne, hence the axe from the Bjørn kit and some tendrils as a whip. The Contemptor is the World Eaters special.
Both kits have been extensively dry brushed, Ushabati Bone base, Nuln Oil wash, couple of coats of Screaming Skull, at this point I left Bjørn, on the Contemptor I carried on with the dry brushing giving it a couple of coats of white. The hands have been left loose, I shoved some blu tac into black hand and added the tendrils on to it as well for the whip.
Next up is the Dreadnought that is going to be the Death Company Dread for the Knights of Blood alongside the metal Bjørn for the Blood Ravens, plan A is to start that tomorrow as I only start work at 5 pm.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Game At Warhammer World 23/01/15

Photo heavy and not much tactical info, sorry. At the end of the game it was a 3 way draw with all 3 of us on 3 VP's. I of course took my Chuck DW Knights down for the photo op. And to start with are some photo's of the drive down. I'm rather glad I took my Harlequins although I should have been more agressive, drive straight for the middle section and the 2 objectives in there as well as catching the 2 in "my" section of the board. Yes I will go again, I haven't played enough with the Harlequins to get a good feel for them yet, but get them into combat is a good idea, can't wait for the Codex, come on payday.