Monday, 30 June 2014

Black Out

Advise, advise, advise me, this crowd shall not surfice...
Got home after a very nice day yesterday and took the Wraithlord out the back to spray it. I got a nice finish on it too. This one I have named Dieing Light Of The Evening Star, the metal one is called Deaths Laughter. Star I intend to try and get the effect of a late evening sky with a star on the head like an eye. The metal I want to try and get an effect like the cloud photo, which was taken over my little town, no photo shopping was done on this picture, this was what I saw.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wraithlord For The Carnival

Was looking at this poorly posed Wraithlord I won on ebay last month and was trying to work out how to get the Scatter Laser on it, as the Bright Lance is already on the shoulder mount and the Ghost Glave is in one hand, and with the pose I was stuck with the choice of cutting the Shuriken Catapult and putting it on the outside or under or over on the arm. I spent time looking at it over the arm and under the arm but that didn't look right, and I was not happy with cutting the catapult off, so underneath it went. Looking at it I kind of like this positon.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Carnival Under The Light Of The Blood Red Moon

Dimondic costumes dripping shades of green, the players take the stage for the a large gathering of the most mysterious of factions in 40k The Harlequins.
I got my Dreads out and photoed them and then got the air force out as well before presenting my next project, The Carnival Under The Light Of The Blood Red Moon, it looses something in the translation from the Eldar tounge and arms just won't do "that" any more.
First up is the full Carnival, the Mimes are at the front as the only completed unit in this army so far. Those Venoms are going to be counts as Vyphers when I get done with wing walking death defying Death Jesters magneted on somewhere. The Raiders are getting a paint job and each Dark Lance Gunner is becoming a Death Jester, asked a mate for some Necron heads and found some Tomb King Skele heads I could use as an option. The Razorwing is going to be another Death Jester player. The Raiders will be painted in as close to a dazzel pattern as I'm able to get and points upgrades for retro burners and flicker fields are as standard so deep striking assault transports. Next up is the Star Players these are the new sculpt Harlequins and will have a Death Jester, Master Mime(counts as Shadow Seer), Troupe Leader and I'm thinking of running the actual Shadow Seer as an Allied Farseer, I think I can do this in Unbound. Next up is my 3 Troupes of the Chorus, rather happy in that, along with the Mimes, I think I have all 4 sculptes of the Avatar of the Laughing God. And at the back are the 2 Wraith Lords I'm fielding with this army. Now just in the look out for a Tantalos in ebay for the Star Players to ride in...

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Lord Inquisitor Latest Trailer!

The Lord Inquisitor - "Grey Knights" Teaser [UHD]:

Friday, 20 June 2014

Mimes And What's In The Box.

Well big day guys, woke up with the blonde in her be looking like I do. Got home had to do some shopping and will have to do some work on the house but I have 2 armies to do when cash is going on the house for once. Now onto the 'quins, first unit done is the Mimes,  back 5 are from my first inpulse buying phase as is the Death Jester the others in the squad are 2 DE Wytches and 2 of the new buy 'quins, the Master Mime is at the front and is going into the Star Player Squad. The box shot is the 3 Chorus Squads, just need to get the 3rd version of the Laughing Gods Avatar for that squad. The new versions of the 'quins are going in the Star Player just thought that I might save up for a Tantalous for this squad. The rest of this army all get Raiders. The Death Jester are getting Venoms and the Hasslefree Minis ladies selection. And lastly is the mini I'm going to use as my Solitaire a Wood Elf War Singer I plan to use that as a counts as Lilith.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Quick Post.

No photos sorry guys. So the Razorwing,4 DE Raider, 3 Venoms, 20 DE Wytches, 12 new Harlequins and 33 old metal Harlequins have been brought together, just waiting for 10 of the new metal ones to arrive which should be on Friday and I can start this "Mid-Life Crisis Army".

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Starting Soon

To change things around from just Power Armour I'm planning on mixing up a squad of Knights Of Blood and Harlequins. The Harlequins will be 4 Squads of 10, The Star Players a Squad with a Troupe Leader, Shadowseer, 7 Troupers and a Death Jester, one squad of Mimes(treated as a normal squad with a Shadowseer acting as Master Mime), and 2 Squads of 10 Chorus Players with Shadowseers and Troop Leaders. There are 3 Venoms that I'm counting as Vypers with Death Jesters on(most likely magneted on with Hasslefree Miniatures Beach Libby, Budi and a robed woman as the Carnival Tetriarch of Queens, 4 DE Raiders will be coming as well as a Razorwing. I intend to try a dazzle pattern on that, there's an exhibit on this in Liverpool on this right now, I intend to add chains and bunting , coloured paper cut in triangles, to these and paint them to match the Troupe they carry. The first photo is of my current strenght of my Troupe, 20 odd more quins are coming as well as 10 DE Wytches alongside 10 I already have to fill out the squads as most are old RT metal ones, the other photos are inspiration for my Star Players, the Circ De Sola Clowns and one of the Chorus squads will be based on the Samba dancers from the local Chorley Carnival Parade on Saturday. Cycinc edit to get the dancing girls as top photo.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

MIA Dark Eldar?

Just been on the GW web store as I'm after Lilith and it was currently out of stock, so I went threw all 3 pages and Wracks, Archon, Succubus, Drazhi, Urien, Lilith, Khymerlu(can't t read what I've written on my hand), Grotesque and Lhanaean are all currently out of stock. This is accurate as of 9.30am on the 10th of June 2014 for the British store.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Forge World Bulletin 20

So newy newness from Forge World, Flame Cannon on a Knight and event only Imperial Navigator.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Planned Weapon Placement

I've spent most of this weekend lurking on Ebay hoovering up Dark Eldar Venoms and old Harlequins to make the numbers up for the planned Unbound Harlequin army, I think you can call this my mid-life crisis army as Harlequins were the first army I had. While I was keeping one eye on that and one eye on the Candian GP (come on Massa!) I was also getting the underslung weapons mounted to the Dread.
I started out magneting the outside of the powerfists, I got the mags reversed so the guns will only go on one side each, I need to use one of my melta guns to give me that option for the Death Company/ Furioso Dread. I green stuffed the magnets onto both flamers and storm  bolters and left those to cure over night. Today I dug out the Wytches to see if I can pass them off as Harlequins as well. I painted the guns and tried them on the fists, I also painted the magnets on the power fists. This is a nice little conversion and I do like how this looks as I prefer guns on the outside of wrists.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Baal Pattern Predator For My Knights Of Blood

Not had much time to devote to hobby stuff this past few weeks so several things have been in the table getting worked on slowly, mostly bits for the Knights of Blood army, Storm Raven, Dreads and this week when mood and work have allowed I've been working on the mk1 Baal Pattern Predator. This is the first version of the tank. It isn't in the Angels of Death Codex so it's not 2nd ed and being more DA than BA I'm not really digging deeper on this front. When I bought it it came with the orginal cover, just in bits. I finished assembly, sprayed it black and then Wazzdakka red base coat with an Evil Sunz Scarlet wet brush coat over that. Just need to add the chapter badge now.