Wednesday, 31 August 2016

More Dreads, I'm Starting To Think I May Have A Problem

I should be sleeping but I'm watching Daredevil and tittivating some bases for the Dreadnought Army

Just the base

Swopped out the multi melta arm from the Tiger Claws Dreadnought to this one as an Ironclad Dread is supposed to be a Seige Engine.

And just the base again.
I plan to paint a las cannon arm to match the Imperial Fist dread and scratch around for a missile launcher arm as they employ a number of Mortis dreads.

And this is for tonight, for The Knights of Blood. I do want a 5th one of these to do for the Carchodons side of the army.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Iron Warrior Dread

I'm only 2 Dreads short of finishing this project, I know the one I'm after and have to wait for pay day to get the one I want.

This is for The Iron Warriors Legion, I'm still looking at a weapon arm and I think I'll pull the multi melta off the Imperial Fist dread and give that a las cannon arm, long range defence and the multi melta is a bunker buster weapon along with the chain fist.

I'll pull those thing out and play around with them tomorrow or Wednesday and finish both off later in the week.

And I've fallen to the dark side, I downloaded Prisma.

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Based The Lion's Blades Officers

Lazy day I had only planned to re-base The Lion's Blades Officers but the carry case fell off the chair and a companies worth of marines had a trip across my living room floor... I did find a sniper scout is missing so will have a look around to and see if there is something I can use to replace that.

RT era Librarian, the 32mm base is a nice fit for this mini.

3rd Company Commander.

Counts as Ezekiel

Counts as Azreal.

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

The 1st Legion Scholia Detachment

This army started after a mate told me about the Legion Rite that allows a Forge Lord and Primus Medicare to take a full Dreadnought army.

20 Dreads in one place...

Contemptor Talon, Lords Of the Legion.
Flash Heart and Blackadder, and I'm just waiting for Forge World to release the 1st Legion Contemptor to finish this army off.

Venerable Caseterferrum Talon, Soul of the Legion.
The Herald Of The First Legion, The Wall Of Berlyn, The One Winged Angel.
The Warden in White, Guardian of the Legions Rites.
The Oncoming Storm, First Chaplian.

Casterferrum Talon Yūeri
Thunderchild, Timberwolf and Boarder Reavor.

Casterferrum Talon Gādo.
Silver Dart, Mortis pattern.
Silent Wolf.
Iron Fist. This is a black reach dread with a spare metal dreadnought arm, hence Iron Fist.

Counts as Contemptor Mortis Talon
Type X mixed Talon Arquero
Malevolent class, The Beast of Wolf 359
Malevolent class, First In the Breach at Helmholtz
Abomination class, Scourge Of Dia.

Counts as Casterferrum Mortis.
Type X mixed Talon Biànhùrên
Abomination class, The Conquer Of Miranda.
Abomination class, Castelian of Barnards Star
Malevolent class, Shield of the Emperor.

And the additional optional Talons are Training Detachments from the other Legions, in game terms this will be pretty much a Black Shield/ Shattered Legion List as The 1st keep everyone at arms length. I'm adding these 2 Talons to cover my back if someone takes issue with the Space Crusade Dreads proxyed as other types of Dreadnoughts.

The First Scholia Detachment, Casterferrum Talon.
The War Hound, World Eaters Legion Training Master.
The Wolf That Stalks The Stars, Thousand Sons Legion.
The Herald Of The 9th, Blood Angels Legion.

The Second Scholia Detachment, Casterferrum Talon.
This is a WIP currently and as I'm planning on painting the Iron Clad as an Iron Warrior and the other Dread is from the Imperial Fist Legion they may get spilt up...
And I'm currently keeping an eye on the one metal dread that's missing from my collection to finish this off, just got to wait for pay day again.

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Friday, 26 August 2016

The Herald Of The 9th

I bought this as it's newer version of the Venerable Dreadnought and have it now in the Dreadnoughts army, painted for the Blood Angel Legion, it runs alongside the a World Eaters and a Thousand Sons Dread in the Scholia Detachment. I've made this and am looking at another 2 buys to build a second Talon just in case someone has an issue with fighting the Space Crusade Dreads.
I might re-task one of the Ironclad Dreads as an Iron Warrior for this army, I can use the Tiger Claws Dreadnought as a stand in for Crusade era Imperial Fist, and if I can find the last metal dread that's my collection of Dreadnoughts up to date.

I started off with a choice for a head.

Base coat and nuln oil wash

Evil Sunz Scarlet dry brush.

I was going to run this as Librarian dread in my Knights Of Blood but picked up a fourth Venerable Metal Dreadnought for that role so bounced the sovnya and the claw back off this guy and into the to do pile.

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Forge World Bulletin 26/08/16


Crashing as easily through the walls of ancient xeno fortifications as lines of traitor Space Marines - the Mastodon was one of the heaviest assault transports in use by the Space Marine Legions during the great crusade. It’s mighty frame is still found in chapter Armouries across the Imperium today.

The Mastodon is heavily armed and armoured, carrying 40 Space Marines to war. It’s vast hull can even hold Dreadnoughts! The Mastodon’s fearsome sponson mounted weapons can be manned by the embarked troops, whilst it’s Skyreaper Battery tears enemy aircraft from the skies, and it’s Siege melta array burns through the toughest fortifications and armoured vehicles.

Not only that, but we have a new Red Scorpions Transfer Sheet available for you today. Packed full of your chapter’s symbols, it’s perfect for adding detail to your Space Marines.

Also today Kabuki Miniatures have a special offer on the Angel Knight, these are screen grabs from their Facebook page so I suggest you search for them on Facebook if you want a chance of one of the 500.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cheating A Bit

The Medic I cadged off a mate came without a base, can't complain as it was less than retail, so I scoured ebay looking for 32mm scenic bases and came across a seller selling 10 industrial bases for £2 + 85p postage and packaging.

These came made from black resin, quick scrub and a base dry brush of Tin Bit first.

I then painted the yellow hash plates with a base coat of yellow, and then went over then alternative strips with black.

Some plates got a dry brush with brass scorpion and some with Iron Breaker, I also gave them a nuln oil wash.
The plan with these is to put the officers on these and the objective

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

2 Days In...

And still not caught up on my sleep...
Weather was terrible yesterday so the light wasn't great, I hadn't planned to paint anything yesterday and technical I didn't, I just did some dry brushing

I did the metallic bits on the Vorax and need to re-glue that gun.

I also dug out some different heads to use on this Dread, still haven't decided on a Legion yet.

I've also started to paint the medic, just going slow with that as I'm waiting on some 32mm sculpted bases to mount it on, as I bought 10 I think I'll be mounting the rest of the powered armour officers on them and the objective markers.

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