Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Missing Legions?

Blood Ravens, One Of The Missing Legions?

I'm currently up to the last story in the Blood Ravens Omnibus, and during the morning read a piece on the Warhammer 40K groups wall about how the Ultramarines numbered 250,000, with the snide comment in The First Heretic saying the Ultramarines ranks swelled after the 2 missing Legions went missing. The other thing that got me thinking was how can we be sure that what we believe we know about the Blood Ravens is true? I've just got past the part where the 2 Librarians are performing the Rite of 100 Days and there is a lot of connections that the Blood Ravens have that a more modern Chapter could only dream of, and the fact that their identity seems to have been hidden by someone very high up amongst the Terran Administratum.

So based on that working I'm saying that the Blood Ravens rather than a loyal chapter of The Thousand Sons that came out of hiding after the Horus Heresy but are in fact the desendents of one of the 2 missing Legions, most likely the Terran 'Old Guard' of the said Legion that someone swept under the carpet till after heresy.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nightmare on Froth St.

So What Did I Learn From Saturdays Game of Nightmare on Froth St?

Apart from my daughter needing to be walked through how to play a role play game, well I'd most likely roll before the game starts to see how many Zombies are on the table at the start of the game. And then state where the zed's entry points are with a roll to see if i'm using a tank zed, fast zed, walker or zombie horde.

Looking at other things in the game it runs really very well, the turn system with the cards took a bit of getting used to, and in my case kind of back fired with my player wanting to learn how to play Black Jack, Pontoon, Rummy and Poker... But back on topic it is well thought out for something that took '20 minutes to think up'. The random nature of the drawn cards can turn a game.

What's next?

Well making some walls for one to give the impression of confined space, and also to help my player to see the game, for that I've been shown a site that sells modular section scenery so will be looking into that, after all the other pojects I've got on the drawing board. These are a still to be built Slannesh Daemon Princess, my idea for a Sentinal Squadron for my Skitarii out of some resin Land Rovers with Forge World Auto Cannons and a resin Jackle with a Forge World Las Cannon. And my living room. The way i keep giving myself projects to do you'd think i was avoiding doing it still.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mid-Game Post

Playing Nightmare on Froth St with youngest daughter, who's going out shortly, so we're getting a game in quick before lunch. So far its going well. She's just got a bat and has now met the DPC's that are going to help her character out and show both of us how to play the game, like every time you fire check to see how many zombies alerted. Not sure if she'll want to have another game as she didn't understand much about the rules and what was going on, even with me explaneing every turn. It didn't help that you have to buy a deck of cards to play this game and we spent most of Saturday playing Pontoon, Rummy, Black Jack and Poker as she wanted to learn some card games.

We've talked about it and will be having another game next Sunday to advance her survivors story.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

This Weekends Game

So this weekend I'm running a game with my youngest daughter based around Akula's rules for his game A Nightmare on Forth Street. This is a short game thats so called back of a fag packet rules system. Looking forward to playing this as I've been working on some extras for the rules for a couple of week now.

None of these are actually the characters but for now these are all we have painted up and photoed.

Will let you all know how this game goes.