Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Goramit! Picked the Rhino up on Monday and once home today started taking it apart. Got the tracks off but have come across what could be the best assembled old Rhinos I've bought off Ebay.
Top photo from out of the box.
2nd photo tracks off, inner plates stuck on rather well. Need to cut and clean the body up as I intend to use the hull as the cockpit of my Scout Titan. Picked up some super glue and come Friday I'll be triming wheels off the plates and  glueing them back onto the tracks, tomorrow I intend to set off slightly early to get in the art store on the way there and see if they have plasticard as the craft store didn't. If they do I'll be spending Friday making the body of the Madtodon and covers for the weapon arms on the Titan.

Codex Inquisitor Cover released!

As Games Workshop Digital have reached 5000 likes they have released the cover art for Codex Inquisitor as a  thank you/tease. Here you go guys fill your boots
Below is the cover art from Codex Inquisitor!

Edit, as I'm not very good at this technomancy stuff and can't be bothered to work out how to copy and paste on my phone, here's the post from Games Workshop Digital's page; Hey All, We've reached 5,000 likes, and that means we can now reveal the new cover for Codex: Inquisition. Feast your eyes on this awesome new piece by Marek Okon. Look how cool this guy is! He could not be more Warhammer 40,000 if he tried: he’s got the sword, he’s got the boltgun, power armour, purity seals, bionics - the whole package. We’ll be posting more details on this codex over the coming weeks right here on Facebook so stay posted. - Eddie PS: We actually reached 5,000 likes last night at about 23:00, but I was asleep, sorry. Thanks for waiting!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Wibbly Wobbly 300th Post

So if anyone has been looking at my back archive you'll see some of the old photos are back (or at least as close as I can get with the distance of time from then to now),  and deleted a few old posts that aren't relevent now, so 300 has come and gone a couple of times now.
So may just be going back over something I've already said with this post, but I'm okay with that.

Knights of Blood- Carchadons
So after reading the Forge World update I'm really torn about what I'm doing next, do I paint the marines that I've got spare as Knights Of Blood and play them as counts as Carchadons until/if Knights of Blood get a suppliment or do I just paint them up as Carchadons? Some pics of characters for this army below.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Painting And Posing.

Before the storm of the decade hit yesterday, your train us delayed because of leaves on the line still being attached to the tree thats fallen over, I took the walker legs out into the yard with my can of gloss black and gave it a coat of paint so I could at least feel like I'd done something on the Titan. On the way into work I stopped off at a craft store to see if they had any plasticard as no one has picked any up for me. Locked my bike up, took my lights off went up to the door only to findcit doesn't open untill 9.30, checked the time and thats 20 minutes standing around in the cold rain or going into work half an early, getting breakfast, coffee and dry clothes on, and opted for the latter as I have a 4pm finish tomorrow and can get there before they close. So pictures, top is with legs spread wide to paint the top, 2nd is the pose I would get a slap for if I asked a woman to do and 3rd is finshed iny kitchen. Will be painting it up with Wazzdakka red on Wednesday or at least starting as there's a lot of leg.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rumored Space Wolf Flyer Spotted

While I normally avoid rumors, I did dig this one up this morning. Space Wolves have a not a single flyer, but a squad of flying wolves to take out those enemy flyers.
Below is a "concept" for this new unit.

Yes this is a joke post for my 300 published post.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Wow 300 posts and people all over the world are reading them, makes me feel good to know my messy living room has been viewed world wide!
Right back on track, I had a glass is all ways full moment the other day when it comes to the cockpit for the Titan; I'm getting an old Rhino for it's tracks, I need a cockpit for the Titan. I'll have a Rhino hull that could well be going in the bin, can I not use that as my cockpit/ head? Will need magnets of course for this and the front panel in my bits box, but I think I could get this to work, also I could get the hurricane bolters as anti infantry weapons on the sides of this. The image in this post is the, I belive to be, one of the first pair of Titans built for 40K, back in the days before Apocalypes had even been thought of as a concept. I know 2 where made, 1 Loyal and 1 Chaos but beyond that I don't know much about this model.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Project M, WITH PHOTOS! And Boobs!

Okay no boobs, but I know what you gamers are like, as I am one. So after first reading about the Mastodon in the Iron Hands story and Fear To Tread I really wanted one, bnut as of yet the only options were to commission someone to make it or make my own and no matter how close I worked with someone it would still be how they see it not how I see it.
So these photos are a little mixed up here but overall this top pic is the current state of play as I have it now. The ATST head is on it's back the Leman Russ has been taken apart and the bits that are most easily used are already fitted to the head. I had to cut the guns that came with ATST off the side of the head and the spindle mounts as well to get the sponsons to fit onto the plates, I added the skull "head lights" from the Nephilim Jet Fighter to the top of this and a smoke launcher in the middle, these are all blu tacked on for now (note to self- need super glue), and of course blu tacked the track sections on the side as well, with the head tapering inwards/ downwards I'm going to have to put a spacer in there, but this helps as I'm planning on
having an exhaust stack on the back of each one of these and a radiator on top to suggest independent drive. I had at first put the track sections on the right way round but I tried turning them round and seeing how that looked, it kind of reminded me of the Sicaran tank from Forge World, although I think the Sicaran has more slope to the tracks than a Russ does. The pilot came from the Nephilim Jet Fighter box, as I didn't make the pilot with a pair of legs I had spare in my bits box. I've mounted him in the gap where the chin turret was, this was in no way inspired by the Lord of the Rings Ollipont Riders.
If GW/Forge World ever do make an official version of the Mastodon I expect it to have at the core of it this guy.
This is Bladrick the Servitor and my Tech Lord Perr Cey for The Lions Blades Yes I may have lied about the boobs
And the other day we had this weird cloud formation over my town.

Some Of My Best Work

I don't know why I bought this guy but I did, got him cheaply on ebay as well and so was rather happy when it arrived and I threw it in a ramakin filled with nail varnish remover to clean the old, good paint job off and to start on my own paint job. The other mini went on to become the new Chosen Champion for the Y Geiriadur. I mixed up some green stuff to make a base up for it as well.
So here is the finished item, photo was taken indoors with the camera flash, which was rather harsh I thought as the model looked better in real light than it did in the photo I'd taken of it, and I put this up on Facebook in the Blood Angel group I'm a member of and got trolled for it. I fed the troll and asked to see his work, but none was forthcoming so I put it down to the green eyed monster and thought no more about said troll.
and here is the almost finished model in natural light, outside in my backyard on top of my recycle bin. As I said I'm really proud of how this has come out.

Big Post Of Photos!

And finally putting his money where his mouth Poxy Proxy Predator shows you his WIP Scout Titan! Turns out I needed to start using Chrome on the Library PC's rather than Firefox (but I like Firefox...) So starting at the top and working down roughed blu taced version of the Titan
This has the record so far of most magnets used on a model and I'm no where near finished.
Mating the magnets up.
Size comparison
The inner motor shell that I took off the motor and have now magntised to the ATST legs before I put the shell back on it.
Part painted, when I was going to do it a base steel colour
Floating in the air it's all done with magnets
Side view of the shell
other side view of the shell
And the brackets that will mount the weapons on, when I buy them. When I'm finished here today I'm going to look round the charity shops in town to see if I can find a suitable head/cockpit.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Mastodon WIP.

Latest photo's have been added to my G+ account with the ATST head and Leman Russ tracks that I've turned around, I'd actually bought the Russ hoping that the tracks would look like the Sicarus tracks thus hinting at a design link between the 2. I've cut the guns off the ATST & added the sponsons from the Russ to the plates on the side of the head. In the photo I've added a driver from the Ravenwing in the gap where the chin turret was on the ATST, this was in no way inspired by the Olliphont riders. Rhino has been bought for the rear tracks and a friend looking for plasticard for me at her Uni for the body. After talking to Lexicanium on Facebook yesterday about the Mastodon it has a capacity of 40 but in Fear To Tread, you read about Blood Angels hanging off a Mastodon, so I'm planning on having Rhino top hatch & enough space on top for 10 marines with 2 pairs of matched heavy weapons on the front and the rear of the roof. On the back I intend to mount the Hurricane bolters from the Nephilim Jet Fighter that I haven't used. There are a lot of panels from the Leman Russ & Rhino that I intend to use on the body when I get that made, will be looking for a tutorial or 2 to show me how to use plasticard. Hopefully by the time I get the body built I'll be able to get photos back on my blog so I can show it off.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Big Jobs Update

Real life caught up with me this week and very little was done, a Leman Russ has been bought to provide front tracks for Project Mastodon and have an old Rhino on watch on ebay for rear tracks need plasticard for the body... On the Titan front I spent some happy time with my angle grinder and files finesing a couple of brackets so thet would fit on the upper fixing point. Showed my progress to a mate last night and he told me he has a Warhound flame cannon that I've asked to borrow while I work out how to fit it to the brackets and add some housing. Not had the chance to go and look for a head yet. EDIT:- Won the Rhino on ebay last night and now just need plasticard to go ahead with this project, and the Titan as well.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Project Titan.

So problems still with adding photos to the blog but I wanted to post anyway about how I have started on my Scout Class Titan made from the Star Wars ATST and a Zoid Red Scavenger. Yesterday I started painting the last squad of Traitor Guard for the Fallern Angel Army, managed to get the brown coats, flesh and trousers painted. I ran out of sun light before I could get the Wazzdakka Red on the armour plates and helmets but I still wanted to get some hobby work in. I checked my to do pile and got the ATST and Red Scavenger Zoid out to rough it out. I started with blu tacking the shell to the chassis, this was a bit loose and I was thinking of getting some bowling rods and a bracket to hold the shell together, while I had this mocked up I looked at the motor that came with the zoid and saw that it was housed in a shell that has the mounting points built into it. So I disassembled that and put it back together without the motor or wheels and blu tacked that to the chassis, I then found that I needed to take the shell pieces apart to fit them onto the mounting points. After finishing this I again mounted with blu tac to the chassis. This was a bit loose and I didn't like the idea of gluing the shell unit to the chassis so I dug out the green stuff and the magnets & added magnets, 2 at the rear and 2 at the sides, in the morning when the green stuff had cured and I mated it up I looked it over and thought that I'm going to need more magnets on it to give it a more secure feel. On Sunday I'm going to have a look in my local hardware store for brackets to mount the weapons on and will once again look round the charity shops for something to use as a cockpit/head and work out how to mount it. EDIT- right linked my g+ to my blog as I can't add photos here for now, so if you really want to see the pics they're being added to my g+ page and if you follow the profile link you should be able to see them there.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Poor Showing From The Fat Man

Got into the Library this morning and tried to get on and post up the amazing Asteroth The Grimm I've painted up but the problem with page loading is still there, this time I talked to a member of staff, who, once she'd stopped looking like a rabbit in the headlights suggest I write down the problem I'm having and them they can email the IT Crowd. Could be 2 weeks could be a month before I can get pictures back in the blog.