Saturday, 20 July 2019

Phobos Dreadnought

Thought it would be better to get painting early tonight, which was a good idea. A quick and easy conversion of a Dread Knight into a "light Phobos pattern dread" to add a bit of extra fire power for those infiltrating troops.
Plan to start painting the death guard dread tomorrow at home when I'm distracted a bit less.

Friday, 19 July 2019

The Green Meany And The Idea For Number 3

Aiming for snail trail look for the Hutt Nurgling on the green meany.
And number 3 will be a tiny bit different, I'm giving it 2 fists with a heavy bolter mounted on each arm, used the front plate from the Dark Vengeance helbrute as a crest around what I think is the heavy bolter from the scimitar jet bike with a marine heavy bolter back pack for the ammo.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

"Phobos" Dreadnought and The Green Meany

The plasma cannon still needs work, the arm needs to be magnetised and the mini gatling requires a small amount of work while the Icarus rocket pod is already magnetised.
And the green meany, finally got the ccw this morning and had a play around with that while the green stuff on the Phobos dread is curing. Used the Lord of Contagion's axe and a couple of teeth from the Myphitic Blight Hauler, still needs some work but I don't want to paw the green stuff I've already done on it tonight.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

A Distractions

While I was building the Scouts I got distracted by the death guard sprues and the dark vengeance helbrute and went a bit mad with both of those.
I've also started several other things.
I received this this morning, the arms and support braces got teased off to be used on the Primarius Redemptor Calgar project, and have been set aside. I didn't want the rest of this to go to waste so I thought I'd see how it would look with a pair of Redemptor arms, I threw together this with a pair of easy build arms and honestly I like how it looks.
My plan is to get the plasma cannon and arm on it from the Redemptor kit tonight.
I used the incinerator from the dread knight to make a start on the 30k Salamander Dreadnought. So the aim for tonight is the dread arms and make a start on the second Death Guard dread's ccw which arrived this morning.

Sunday, 14 July 2019


I've had a lovely day off, watching the Mens Cricket World Cup Final and British Grand Prix, and sorting out the Scouts. I had a look through what I had already and then assembled the Conquest magazine scouts to round out what was already in the collection.
The pistol and knives squad with missile launchers, both missile launchers are conversions.
10 snipers
I pulled a couple of this bolter squad apart as they had pistols and knives, and one had a shotgun , so that one got placed in the next squad.
So I was left without amy shotgun scouts, so built the Conquest scouts with shotguns, to give me a squad of each weapon type. When the next lot of snipers lands I'll have 50 scouts, which came as a surprise. The reason for the camo is I can use them with any of my marine armies this way.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Can You Guess What It Is Yet, 2019 Primaris Astartes Edition?

After the happy chap from yesterday, I thought I'd add the other stuff I did last night and tonight. On a plus note if you have a power armoured Marnius Calgar, it's just got a little bit more rare.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Happy Little Chap Isn't He?

Was taking it easy last night, I mostly just hacked up a metal Marnius Calgar for the Redemptor project , but one of the things I did was to mount a Nurgling on the shoulder, I'd like to find a gun sight for the little guy. Still waiting on the ccw to finish this one.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Monthly Vow, 12th Of July To The 12th Of August

Plan A for next month, I have 10 metal scouts, 5 snipers, 5 pistol and knives, and 10 plastic scouts, there's the 2nd heavily converted Dreadnought and at least 2 Land Speeders depending on if my Conquest buyer wants one or not, there's the Page class heavy weapons as I'm buying a 2nd heavy weapons pack and there'll be some bikes depending on date.
Review Time
I started by messing around with the old mk2 Predator turret for a proposed project to use the Blight Hauler as the base for a couple of tanks.
my buyer is very happy with this, I just hope I get to see it painted.
The Harry Potter Unicorn got done. And no I'm not getting the re release that is coming out next month.
I also got the dynamic Dumbledor painted, I am rather pleased with how this one came out, I downloaded the first Dumbledor to make sure the 2 looked the same, after watching the film over the last weekend, I noticed I've done the hands wrong, it's the wand hand that's the injured one.
I made a start on the last of my Rhinos, this one I hoped to be able to get it to cover all the bases with a Predator, Vindicator, Whirlwind and Razorback versions. The Predator has an autocannon and I used the last of the Space Crusade tarantula las cannons as the las version, that's also the Razorback las cannon option.
I've used the Page class heavy weapons pack missile launcher as the bases for a Whirlwind and raided the Baneblade sprue for a couple of cannons I could use for Vindicators.
I cracked on with the Shadowspire box and finished the Suppressors and Infiltrators
Before getting the Rhinos out and finding one of the Baneblade bits I could use for the Vindicator cannon.
Then I got on with the second half of the Infiltrators squad.
There was another Primaris Captain that got done.
I then worked out how to mount the options for the razorback weapons on the turret.
I also uses some of the las cannons to give me the option of a Terminus Ultra version on my Mk1 Spartan,I don't have a photo yet of all options but I can field that one as a standard Land Raider, Redeemer and now the Terminus Ultra.
And lastly I started working on another Death Guard dread.
I'm now waiting for a dreadnought ccw so I can progress with it.