Saturday, 29 February 2020

Speculative Idea

With the Valhallens being on made to order last week, I had a look at the minis, and apart from the hands and heads they hold up pretty well today, but I also dug up some pics of the Armageddon Steel Legion and Death Korps of Krieg. Now I've zero skill in C. A. D. or C. A. M., but the great coat body could be used for all 3 regiments, all you'd need would be extra heads with the gas masks for Steel Legion and Death Korps and a big hat, hell if GW felt generous, they could also include a Vostroyn head, although that would require a gun sprue as well.
Or do a box for one build, then offer an upgrade sprue to give you a choice of the other 3 great cost wearing Guard Armies.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

More Dead People

Thought it would be a good idea to tackle some of the dead bodies in my living room, the Banshees got put to one side, the Secuitors and the hunters got put in the project box to take to work later in the week.
Used the black templar contrast over an ushabati bone base.
Was able to get them finished as the sun set.

Castigators Done

The miserable weather has drained my desire to paint, and the Castigators have just sat in the project box since I got home from work last week, I pushed myself and got them finished this yesterday.
Base rim and belts match more so I can see which squads are which on the table top at a glance, a habit I've brought over from the Primaris Lion's Blades.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Ebay Sting

Weather is terrible currently which has impacted my mood and desire to paint. I bought a Voldermort, and now think it's possibly a Polski Cast or Ukraine Cast copy with the postage time. I did a search for snakes and gave the options to my daughter and she picked the orange one. To have a trail at the colours I dug out the lizard man sprue tried some attempts, I gave it a base of Tau Ocher, then a quick coat of Troll Slayer then Fire Dragon Night. Today I'm mostly doing the gold on the Castigators before my daughter comes round.

Monday, 24 February 2020

The Off Weekend

Had the weekend off work, focused mainly on finishing one of the books I got for Christmas which I did, now it's onto The Lost And The Damned, hobby wise I finished the engine off with a nuln oil wash, a wazzdakka red highlight and an evil sun scarlet edge highlight. The Librarian in terminator armour had lost an arm so I had a rummage in the relevant bits box and found a replacement, found the Tartarus heavy flamer as well which will come in handy next month.
Also found a cheap Voldermort on ebay which I snapped up, I then gave my oldest a couple of options on how she wanted Nagini painting and she went for the ginger over black. So as a test piece I'll put one of the lizard men I have spare together and try what I'm planning which is the usual base of ushabati bone with a nuln oil wash, then a tau ocher dry drush followed by wild rider red and then an orange. I'll try that this week before it arrives.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

The Base Line For The Armies on Parade Board.

Okay this is the progress towards my Armies on Parade board, the 12 Dreadnoughts and pairs that have been completed.
The 6 pairs still to do, 1 pair just needs to be painted, and these are for the Night Lords chapter. The next 5 I'm planning on buying a Tartarus Terminators box to finish those off, and will probably repaint those for the main 40k army's 1st Company.
The scenery bits, I've got another tractor to finish for this bit.
The last 2 Dreadnoughts are going to be shrouded at the back of the board, behind the force field projectors.

Friday, 21 February 2020

The Dementor Pack

I did a ride out to Wigan yesterday to pick up the Black Templar contrast and the palid witch flesh, and then slept for about 16 hours. This morning I made a start on the Dementor with the contrast, and gave the face shroud a coat of camoshade, when that was dry I gave it palid witch flesh. With the rode I gave it a highlight of celestra grey. The Banshees had the same overall paint job, and the bases got a detailed job done on them, the light today is still terrible as we're on week 3 of constant rain.
While I'm still on the fence with contrast it has done a good job on these robes.

Are You Ready to Warrgh!?

Can I get a Warrgh!?

Thursday, 20 February 2020

The Castigators

Had a rather busy night at work so didn't get to much done tonight, robes need another coat of yellow, and the grey still needs highlighting and the gold needs starting.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Getting There

Feeling good about this. 2/3rds of the way there! 12 pairs done, just the Night Lords pair left to paint, and the Luna Wolves Dreadnought to build, the last 5 pairs I'm thinking of getting a box of Tartarus Pattern Terminators for the last stretch.

Pair 12

Edit : just counted the paired photos and it's 12, not 11! So 2/3rds of the core build and paint done!
Mostly be reading and talking with my daughter who's currently stuck in China tonight, so no painting done at all, need to grab some nuln oil from home anyway to finish off what I want to tomorrow. Last night one of the other bits I did do was the Raven Guard Astartes officer to go with the Dreadnought.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Emperor's Children Pair And Other Stuff

So another step closer to getting the Armies on Parade board ready with the Emperor's Children officer and Dreadnought.
It was a little bit of a cheat as it was already painted gold so I just was very tidy with the purple.
The Knight Incantor was finished yesterday.
And I got some work done on these 2 squads.
I'd picked up the Dementor from the post office this morning on my way home, missed the guy with the latest package of Conquest though so I have to go again on my way home today. As I was dry fitting it I thought it best to magnetise the joint where the body joins the tail to avoid future breaking.
As well as 4 of the Mortal Realms Banshees to act as extra Dementors, still need to get up to a GW store to get some of the Black templar contrast paint to paint these.