Friday, 7 February 2020

Part Of Next Months Vow

Back in the tail end of 7th when the Gathering Storm book 3 came out I put together the Victrix Guard formation, it went into a box and was pretty much forgotten about, morphing to a degree into the Inquisition Ordo Astarte, but the Honour Guard wasn't really part of that and as a result kind of got ignored, until this week, when I was planning a buy list to finish off pairs for the Armies on Parade board.
I got really lucky with ebay and found a mk4 Thousand Sons Dreadnought, I just have to add some green stuff to change the flame to look more like an orrobaruss. Also need to paint it gold and get up to Preston to get some blood angel red contrast. Or I might make it Manchester, to have a look at the new store.
The Iron Hand pair are pretty nearly done, just the arms on the Dreadnought and the shoulders on the marine.
Currently the plan is to repaint the Crimson Fist as a Night Lord to go with the Dreadnought.
The Emperor's Children Dreadnought and what I think is a Celestial Lion, that'll get touched up to match the dread.
Just need to up the trim on the Astartes with some grey and I can call this pair done.
And last up for now is the Raven Guard pair, the Astartes needs an arm and some minor touching up, but this is close to done.

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