Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Monthly Vow 12th of February To The 12 of March

So the plan for next month is the 3 lots of Stormcast Eternals, I'm watching a cheap Dementor on ebay for Harry Potter and then split the Banshees I've got so 4 for the Night Haunt and 4 as Dementors to make it look a bit more intimidating, then there's the Armies on Parade pairs to do, plus 4 dreads to finish off. On a side note for the next set of pairs I think I'll go with the plastic Tartarous Terminator box to finish those off. There's also 2 of the Primaris tanks from Conquest as well but I still want to put one aside and do that side by side build project with a large tank model to see how it looks.
Review Time
Yes I'd kept the expectations low for this month and succeeded!
Started the month off by getting these in the post.
Hobby wise I started out with this, I had really hoped to use the Forge World shoulder but it just looked poo, so in the end I found a regular ccw and went with that, although this one is metal.
I managed to loose some of the scrolls off itzo have added a few replacements.
Next up there was the World Eaters mk4, Cataphractii Terminator and a Dante that I stripped and repainted red as the gold it came in was really bad, Dante was also for Armies on Parade, I just hadn't got around to doing the Blood Angel mk4.
And just in time for it to become a legend, the Mortis mount gets some work done on it, for now it's on The Death Guard dread, but next year I'm going to use the mount again on the Battle of Gate IX board I'm planning.
I then started on the 3 Blood Angel dreads I have, all 3 are for the Gate IX with the mk4 also getting used, with Dante, on the current project.
The Furioso and the mk4 got done together, as they are both red, the Furioso got more gold trim added later alongside the 2nd coat of black and highlights on the Death Company dread.
I also got the mortis mount painted to match the dread.
The Death Company and the Furioso got finished the next day.
Along with the Word Bearers Chaplain.
I also made a start on the Stormcast Eternals, as well as watching the how to paint video for Alpha Legion, Thousand Sons and Luna Wolves so I could work out what I needed to take in the case of the Alpha Legion, and what to buy in the case of the Thousand Sons not a Sorcerer and the Luna Wolf Dread.
I cut the staff off and added a book I had spare, cut the plasma pistol off and glued that on the other mk4 chaplain, and turned the head a bit so it looks like he's reading from the book and casting a power.
I still wasn't sure which Legion I was going to paint the gun slinger though.
A selection of other stuff got started, 5 sniper scouts, the other 2 Stormcast and the engine.
The last bit of buying for half of this years vow got done and the last lot of Inceptors got built.
Ushabati bone on the mk4 Astartes and some wazzdakka red on the engine.
Silver and gold got painted on the mk4s.
After rewatching the Thousand Sons painting video I went back and altered the trim on the Stormcast to gold with a reikland flesh wash, and I gave the rode a reikland flesh wash as well with the flash git yellow highlight, which worked really well, so well a couple of others in the Mortal Realms group are doing similar colours.
Still not sold on contrast paints but it does make Alpha Legion a bit easier to do. Normally I do Imperial plasma blue, but as this was already a really blue mini I used yellow for a change, the glow on the chest plate looks really good.
The traction engine is for my Armies on Parade board as scenery, I also did the second lot of sniper scouts but seem to have deleted the photo of them already.
I hadn't quite finished the Stormcast yet, but timed out for that night.
The tracks got done on the traction engine, the Stormcast got finished and I painted the weapons for the future mortis Dreadnought, when it goes into the Lion's Blades.
The last few days has been mostly planning and sourcing minis to keep costs down, using a raft if mk3's I haven't touched in ages from the Victrix Guard formation in the Armies on Parade board, and pulled 10 Intercessions from the Hounds to use in the 2nd half of the Lion's Blades Primaris Company, along with a Master Lazarus that I treated myself to.

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