Sunday, 29 September 2019

Lord Flash Heart

I was a little worried about painting this on, the glasses have definitely helped, certainly with those dawnstone highlights. I paused on it last night as I wanted to bring in the Contemptor weapons so the magnets are the correct way round so I can choose options, so far it's Kheres, Vulkite and a multi melta.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

1st Legion Contemptor i

I made a start on the Contemptor last night with a base coat of ushabati bone and then 2 coats of black. Tonight I forgot my glasses and so wasn't to confident with painting the details. Trim is lead bleacher and all the reds are Wazdakka red, evil Sunz Scarlet and then wild rider red. Edge highlights of dawnstone have been attempted as well.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Moving Boxes

Taken a few days off from hobby stuff, and still waiting for the Contemptor fist to get here, the first one seems to have been lost in the post on its way from Jersey and still have the 1St Legion Contemptor to do. One thing I did after I'd moved some other stuff around and had an adult sized shoe box spare was to move the chaos dreads out of their small box into the bigger box after the numbers where increased recently, and it allowed me to do a little stock take.
The Fallen Dreads, 2 Space Crusade Dreads, one from Mission Dreadnought, an orginal chaos Chuck, an old metal chaos dread and the current box chaos Helbrute. These may get a repaint to the Black Legion at some point, not sure on that yet.
The 2 Word Bearers Gal Muraz dreads, the orginal chaos Chuck and the updated Forge World version, as part of next year's vow I'll be adding a dark apostle Contemptor to these 2.
My favourite project this year, the Death Guard dread mob, mostly used the dreads from another army that hadn't been touched since I last took photos of them.
And all the Contemptors, the Iron Warriors and Word Bearers from Forge World, via ebay and 2 plastic versions that I'm currently working on. The Typhus Contemptor conversion has given me an idea for part of next year's vow, with the plan to do a Kharn, Arhiman, Lucius, Abandon and a Dark Apostle versions I might add a Warp Smith to make it 6, and that rounds out half the year and then I can find something else to do for the other 6 months/ save the Conquest stuff for next year.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

1st Legion Mk4 Mortis Casterferrum

Have been playing around with this this morning, trimmed the head down and filed off a large amount from the back of the head and trimmed off the edges the dreadnaught front panel. Still need to files bit more from the back of it before its done. And used pretty much the last of my black spray on the Deredo behind it.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Sonic The Dreadnought

When I was on a bit of a dreadnought buying binge the other month I picked up a Forge World resin Dread that said it was the Word Bearers, it arrived it what looked a sonic head and what I think is the dreadnaught version of the Blast master. I was able to get the head and the blast master off without a a problem, and put them aside with the thought of selling them on at a later date, then the thought of building a sonic dreadnought to tack onto the dreadnaught heavy few weeks took hold. I was very lucky to find a suitable dreas on ebay and when I picked it up today I was very pleased to find the builder hadn't glued the weapons on and so was able to pop them off and swop them around to give it the chain fist and Blast Master, I've added the speaker grill to the front as I don't have any more and it fits nicely in the sarcophagus, the head is mounted on the top if the hull , which is atypical of dreadnoughts, but as a sonic dreadnought is very much an after market special of the Emperor’s Children I think it's allowed, seeing as I see it as more of a sensor bundle /place for the other Astartes to focus on when talking to it.
I also gave it a slannesh symbol that I had left over from the Conquest Rhino issue.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Night 3

Added a couple more bits from the Typhus sprue, I'm enjoying this so much I'm after doing a second one with a fresh plastic Contemptor so I can mount stuff without a bit easier. Also this has got me planning a thing for next year to get a Dark Apostle, Kharn, Arhiman, Lucius and Abandon versions of the Contemptor on a one a month plan.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Night 2 On Typhus

Moved on with this, added the chest plate first, was using the camera on the phone to check the work as I'm still waiting for the glasses.
After that bit I filed the bottom of the spore funnels and green stuffed it to the top plate , partly because I've left the plastic glue at home and partly to try and blend it in a bit.
I trimmed the cylinder that connects the shoulder plates together off and spent 10 minutes trying to work out if and where I should add it the Contemptor, and ended up giving it a bum bag. Fanny pack for Americans, although fanny means vagina where I'm from.
Last thing I've done on this tonight are the shoulders, I filed the edges off the edges and green stuffed the shoulder plates on, this was the point I realised I only had super glue with me.
Next up was the Deredo, I'm thinking of giving this a black spray , as well as the 1st Legion Contemptor, and I got the black on the hand on the Librarian as well.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Progress On The Typhus Contemptor

Okay tonight's chop shop special, #warhammer40k Typhus Contemptor conversion to lead the #deathguard dread mob. Obviously this is massively rough and I've taken some of the criticism from the Contemptor of Contagion into consideration with this.
And the old metal Librarian in Terminator Armour from when I got back into the hobby in 2009, over the course of time I lost the hand so I've used the open hand from the Typhus sprue on this one.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Dark Vengeance Terminator Armour Squad

I had bid for the lot this squad came in for the bikes more than anything else, but these, the Librarian and the Balthazar that I just couldn't sell will be added to The Lion's Blades. I started the squad last night with the usual base coat of ushabati bone, nuln oil wash and then 2 thin coats of screaming skull, I paused at that point to double check what I'd done with some of the other stuff in the Terminator box, which had a splendid mix of red and brass on the chest eagle. Tonight was the details in various colours and highlights with the Deepkin Flesh.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

So Close To A Year's Vow

In January I'd set myself a Year's Vow, which was to get a Primaris Battle company painted, which morphed when Shadowspire was released into 2 Demi Companies, have standard Primaris and half Phobos Astartes. I'm doing this now as I was moving stuff around and getting all the Lion's Blades Primaris Astartes stuff in one box and I'm almost there, just waiting on GW to release the Infiltrators box, and once I get that my year goal is done.
The Primaris Astartes side of the Year's Vow is finished.
And just waiting on the Infiltrators box to get this side finished.

Monthly Vow, The 12th Of September To The 12th Of October

Well sort of. . . Its nearly time for the another Dread Filled Month and as a warm up for the October dreadnought fun I'm looking at the Typhus Contemptor(plastic), a First Legion Contemptor (resin), and an autocannon Deredo, before I touch those though there is a squad of DV Terminators to do. In a shift from my normal free wheeling and because of the goals I'm setting myself I've just had a break while I write out a plan through to the 12th of November. The plan for October the 1st to the 12th is the Calgar Redemptor, the Björn Contemptor, the Forge World DA, mortis, the White Scar dread and a Salamander Ironclad as plan A, after that it's October to November.
Review Time
First up in the picture log are the Scouts but that's more because I carried those photos over from last month not because I started them.
I did do the bolt guns , shotguns and bolt pistol scouts but not at the beginning of the month vow.
I worked on this for a while before leaving it for the October dreadnought fun.
I had bought some bikes and the first lot of the Conquest bikes arrived and with the couple of bikes that had come in the mass of dreadnoughts I'd picked up last month I was able to make 3 squads of bikers just need a couple of legs to finish the last squad. For this squad I swopped over the Sgt from an old conversion, the Akira pose, and put that one on the new base size and the Outrider bike, the robed Sgt went on the old bike and I swopped it's base as well from the 60mm to the old style bike base.
The Deredo was a lucky find on ebay when it arrived I saw the feet and shind had been fitted the wrong way round so it went in the freezer for a bit, I'm not sure what brand of glue they used but I was only able to get the feet off and the waist broke off as well which made it a bit easier, the legs then went into disinfectant to see if that would break the bonds but it was stuck fast.
As I'd liked how the heavy bolters looked on the Math, son of Mathonway, I picked up a few heavy bolters and dug the metal Furioso dread for a bath, it went into a bag of disinfectant which left a black sticky mess on the mini which took a new electric tooth brush to clean up. I altered the colours a little from the orginal troll slayer orange and screaming skull to wild rider red and Deepkin Flesh and swopped the colours round and the Storm Talon got the same touch up as well.
The first lot of scouts got started, the bolt pistols and knives squad with missile launchers, one is a standard launcher and the other is ripped from a space Crusade mini.
One scout was given a green stuff cloak and sniper rifle, and put in the box to wait for the rest of the snipers from Conquest.
The next squadron of Land Speeders got done as well. I think this kit needs replacing as it's showing its age now, which when compared to the older bikes and dreadnoughts is a shame.
I was going to add this as a Talon Master but it was just too rough for me to use.
The Boltstorm Aggressors got reassigned to The Lion's Blades.
As did a squad of Reivers.
I had bought this one to use as the base for the Typhus Contemptor but it looks to nice to butcher in that manner so as a nice little break I painted it up in the correct colours for The Iron Warriors.
As the Deredo didn't come with the missile pod I've been looking for some to use as the passive.
And lastly I made a start on a plastic Contemptor that is the base for the Typhus Contemptor.