Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Assembly Options And A Bucketful Of Dreads

While I was getting my Dreads out for dome photos before work this morning, I found a couple of things, the RT era Las Cannons and one Missile Launcher

Monday, 29 September 2014

Lot Of Death, Mortis Progess and T'other WIP

So finally got my paws on the Maugan Ra and thought I'd put the family tree up. This Death Jester is I have to say my favourite, I just like the look of him. I believe the model formed the base for the Maugan Ra, which I think if you look closely you can see it. The new Death Jester I think is also based on the old Deaath Jester, the bones on the chest hint at the orginal and the basic stance is there just with a newer Shuriken Cannon. Also the 2 squads of Death Jesters, the first squad is permenat, the 2nd squad is made from Death Jesters that are embedded in the 3 Troupes of the Chorus and the Mimes, rules wise I think I'm going to use them as either Shadow Spectors or DE Scourges, both move fast and pack a punch ala Death Jesters.
Onto the Dread found a missile rack, will be digging the missile pod out to put on proberly the other upper pylon with Las cannons off the razorback for now, later the Auto Cannons. And my back wall that myself and a friend rendered over the werkend.

Forge World Bulletin #35

Forge Worlds Bulletin #35 has gone live with a line up of Knights and a varient Riptide. Also a book that there are few details forecoming about.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Mortis Dreadnought For The Lion's Blades First Company & Todays Other WIP.

Today has had 2 WIPs, the first was the Dreadnought that came from Space Crusade that I have decided to make as Mortis Pattern, as I'd imagine the Deathwing don't get much anti air just for themselves. Plan to buy the Legion Heavy Support Auto Cannons and Las Cannons and I'm looking to pick the missile launcher from a Drop Pod to get one on both arms. I painted this today around mixing render for the back wall in my yard.

Dread Full Service Resumes

Some may have seen my post yesterday about the Chaos Dreads up to but not including the Helbrute (yet), while some of this weeks posts will cover my collection of Dreads. Yes I got them all out to photo yesterday AND I worked out 2 ways to use the 4 weapon Mission Dreadnought fella, either play him as a Mortis pattern in the Lions Blades colours (or a sculpted quad gun mount) or and part of the same thing knock up a close combat weapon for one mount and use the other with the plasma/flamer and 2 las cannon/auto cannons/Heavy Bolters magneted to the upper mounts and use it as a normal Dread in one of the other armies.
First up the Chuck's evolution from tiny metal to big big resin along side shots of whats on my table today.
First up 3 of my Deathwing Knights to show the variety you used to get, wide shouldered short legs, narrow shoulders long legs and long legged wide shoulders.
The first Helbrute, the Chaos Chuck as I've said this one is being played as a Lord in Terminator Armour so has the Chucks arm with twin linked bolters over the plasma cannon.
And lastly the Grandson of them all the Forge World Contemptor. My next one is going to be the Dark Angel version that they'll bring out someday.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Void Raven

No I have not been sat checking the web store every half an hour since 5.30. I like how this one looks and may just pay out for it some day as Vect's ride does not look like it's coming.

I Do Not Have A Problem

Well apart from needing a longer kitchen counter. With the Chaos Chuck finished and the Space Crusade Mission Dreadnought arrived I thought I'd take a minute too post the Chaos Dreadnought Family Tree, at least as far as the old metal. The Chaos Chuck was the first Chaos dread as far as I'm aware it only came with the plasma cannon and claw, I've added here a standard dreadnought arm with twin linked bolters as I'm running this as a Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour and there are no plasma options for the Chaos Lord. Next is the 2 versions of the plastic Dread from Space Crusade and the over weaponed version from the Mission Dreadnought supplement, although I have seen a version with longer legs but I'm not chasing that one down honestly, and lastly so far the 2nd ed metal Chaos Dread. I have a Dark Vengence Helbrute on watch on ebay that I may bid forvif it's not too much at the end to add to this party.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Leaky Set At Star Wars VII

Another leaked image from the set of Star Wars VII, this time showing the full sized Falcon and to my eyes what lookd like the placement of earth walls around a squardon of fighters in a war zone. Look up World War 2 fighter bases for where I'm getting this from.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Forge World Bulletin 34 has gone live, in the text is an announcement that the Solar Auxilliar will be unvaled at Warhammer Fest.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Old School

Job done, the Rouge Trader era Chaos Chuck is finished, the RT Marine scouts for the The Lion's Blades are finished, as stated before the Shuriken Catapult is a counts as heavy bolter in this squad and these guys are the only squad of scouts that aren't designed to be used with any army. The 2nd ed Chaos Dreadnought is done, both close combat weapons are painted up and rather than mess around with magnets I'm just blu tacing the claw and the mechandrils rather than flap around worring about what sized magnet I can fit in there. The scout squad is done, this squad I'm happy to have flip between all of my Marine armies. The last picture is of all the old school metal scouts together.