Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Placed In The Monthly Painting Contest

Just been into the Games Workshop store in Preston today to find out how well my Iron Warrior Sourcerer had done in their monthly compertion. Must say I was most dissappointed, my miniature hadn't come stone dead! In fact it's been voted into the shops display case. Talk about gutted!

And yes I an being sarcastic, I am actually rather pleased with that result, but the club motto is CACK by name cack by nature.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Daemon Princes and A Daemon Princess

Well I've got money coming in now, so I'm looking at getting each of my Chaos armies a Deamon Prince. The XIX already have a metal Daemon Prince made, untouched, from The Horned One from Slaine the Barbarian.

My Iron Warriors have the converted He-man figure, to be added to with something later. Long term plan is a Contemptor Daemon Prince and a Dreadknight Daemon Prince Conversion

The Knights are getting a modern Spartan conversion, a Contemptor and I think I'm going to try to use the plastic Deamon Prince to make something that looks like the Sanguinior... A brazen angel if you will.

As to the Black Sisters I feel that I may have to go outside of Games Workshop, as they don't have many large scale female for 40k. Thinking of either of these 2. I will of course be buying feathered wings to go on these guys, cos even Fallen Angels started out as Angels and birds and bats are 2 different animals.

Just realised that this leaves me with Gadens Androids and Skittarii without a Daemon Princeling... Maybe I'll have to look to the Tomb Kings for something big or look around for a big Spider Mech..

Finecast Conversion

This is, again, my Iron Warriors Sorcerer, just a slightly better picture this time. I'm going to enter him into the Preston Games Workshop monthly contest which is this month Necron modles, even though he is a Chaos Marine. EDIT- this mini is now in the display case in the Preston shop, waiting for the contest this weekend, the 26th/27th Nov. Better photos should be going up on the store page either today or tomorrow, i'll borrow from there and post again with how well I've done.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Finished Job

Top picture is the seperate parts of the mini ready to be painted .The 2nd pic shows the sword arm, the bionics on the head and cabling on the plasma pistol. Also the jump pack is visible in this one, you can't really see the flamer arm, sorry. I've since put him on a cavalry base alongside his fimilar.

Forge World News.

Please read all the way through. This is taken from Forge Worlds Facebook wall posted on 21st November 2011. Hence the photo.

Ben John Edwards
Whisper distant but sweet rumours of Mechanicus armies in my ear...
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Forge World ‎*whispers*
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Ben John Edwards You big tease, you are awful...but I like you ;)
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Jon Minard Awesome.... You know now people are going to bLow this out of proportion and say " Omg !!! FW is doing ad mech!!!!" .... Lol
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Forge World We've mentioned that we'd love to focus on the Adeptus Mechanicus at some stage, Jon, but it won't be for a long time!
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Jon Minard Sorry what I meant was people would take assume that you would make that sooner than later....

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Finecast Conversion

These past couple of weeks I've been working hard so haven't had the time to post that I wish I had (still don't have interweb at home yet) but I have had some time to play around with this Cryptek mini and have a bash at turning him into an Iron Warrior Sorcerer with the Wind of Chaos and a Fimilar with Doom Bolt.

Top Photo
First off I dug out the Kriss Empire Great Sword to use as his Force weapon, then I added a plasma pistol to the same hand, I'd tried it on the head but with the cowling around there it didn't want to fit without massive work on it.
2nd Photo
I them spent a long time with a Mutant arm, hollowing out the 'hand' so that one of the spare flamers from my Contemptor would fit in it. I cut that off at the elbow, and cut down the Cryptek arm to the same point as well and added the fuel tank to the forearm

3rd Photo
The Chaos Warrior head with Greenstuffed Cybernetics. The self built jump pack. I'd ordered a set of jump packs from GW Mail Order years ago now and got through the post 4 full kits on the spur and half a jump pack, this half has been knocking around my bits box for all that time , so I found a heavy looking power pack, this one is from the Khorne Berzerkers box, cut it down and added the worked on thruster and air intake and a fair amount of Green Stuff. The body is a basic Cryptek, with only the neck filed out the Necron symbols covered over/filed off and the left arm cut off at the elbow.

4th Photo
All the bits. I've since a single smoke launcher to the plasma pistol, using it as a marker light sight and added extra green stuff 'wires' to it as well. On the other hand I've added some mechandrite type worms to it.

His story is he was a major War Smith who when exposed to the warping powers of Chaos cut off the mutated extremites, this has become something of a psycosis with him and he is now more machine than man. He plays down his Sorcererous powers as tempremental weapons systems.

My next buy for this guy is a small micro machine toy to mount the 3 bolters for his Doombolt on, I changed plans on this one and put 3 bolters together, but with 6th edition and random powers this doesn't quite work any more.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Slow Down and Project Work

As I've said I've started work again recently and so I find myself with a lot less time to do stuff, as I'm at work silly hours right now.

My current project at home is a Sorcerer for my Iron Warriors, but he doesn't think he's a magic user he thinks he's a Master Tech. For this modle I've alread got arms and a head converted already, photos will be up when I get some more internet on my phone next week. One arm has a built in flamer, a spare from my Contemptor Dread. This arm is made from a Possesed claw, with the clamp bit cut and filed out and the flamer inserted into the hollow with the tank under the forearm. The other arm is still under work and may well end up being swopped over for the arm of the body modle I'm going to use, but it will have a Fantasy Empire Kriss Great Sword as his Force Weapon. The head is a Tech Marine one I've dug up from my club bits box with a mass of bionics on one side and I've added a Plasma Pistol to the other, i'm also giving this guy a jump pack that I'm better off showing than discribing. The doner body for this is going to be the Necron Cryptek with a bit of work I think I can pull this one off. The idea being as parts of the Sorcerer mutate he cuts them off and becomes more and more machine than Marine.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Imperitor Class Titan

This is not my work, this beast is on display in the Manchster Central Games Workshop. I take no credit what so ever for the monster in the background, the monster in the top hat however is 50% my work