Monday, 31 May 2021

Death To The False Emperor

 With the Meta Crisis team (kind of) and finished I posted it in several groups on Facebook.

Somebody commented on one of the posts that with infinite time lines comes infinite variety, therefore there should be Chaos versions of Björn the Fell Handed coming through the Warp Rift as well. Which got me rooting through the chaos Dreadnought box, there is the old metal chuck and the original metal chaos dread, in there I can use straight away, I've ordered some of the Björn bits that I've found on ebay, I've got a few of the Dark Vengeance helbrute on watch as well for this. This just leaves a boxed Helbrute and enough Björn dreads and Gregors as I need to build this. 

Saturday, 29 May 2021

Last Ezikael And Björn, Again, And Again

The day dawned, it was calm and cloudy with a possible light showers in the afternoon, Björn and Spot sat on my table looking lonely. 

I emptied the box of Björns and got them together on the table, borrowed a blank canvas for a background, and got the family photo. 

The Redemptor that started the whole meta crisis thing off with the Forge World Space Wolf contemptor.

The 3 box Dreadnought, the orginal metal version, the much newer plastic version and the metal venerable version. 

I do have a version of the metal Dreadnought that I have painted in the classic Wayne England Thousand Sons colours that I'm tempted to add to this, but looking at the photo I think I'll give this one a re do first.

And the other versions, Wolf Lord in Cataphrattii armour, on Thunder Wolf, Gregor and Lone Wolf.

And a collage view so you can see everything. Dreadnought wise the only version missing is the shark's bones rare finecast version.

After I'd got the meta crisis team back in their box I got the last metal Ezikael out to have a play with. The power pack was left over from the Asmodai conversion, which I had tried to just green stuff smoke coming out of the top vents but that did not work, so I borrowed some skulls from the skull sprue I'm saving for a mate and tried out a couple of options, I wasn't sure which one to go with though, the Plague Barer's or the human. 

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Björn the Fell Handed On Thunder Wolf

 Finished the latest in my running gag army of Björn the Fell Handed today, with the Thunder Wolf version.

This one came about because a mate of mine had some Thunder Wolves going unused, I was able to get hold of a Gregor Fell Hand from Ebay.

The last thing bought was one of the pelt strips from the Dreadnought box, used like chaps and to hide how bad the leg goes together.

I used one of the Thunder Wolves from that box, I've used a 3rd party waist and thighs, 2 different Gregor kits supplied the lower legs, everything else is from the Gregor Fell Hand sprue.

Currently planning to get the light box out on Friday for an updated family photo. 

Monday, 24 May 2021

The Lion's Cloak

 3 days and 5 coats of Coelia Greenshade later...

Turned out rather nicely I think.

I will edit and add the inside later, I'm just having half an hour while the water heats up for a bath. 

Friday, 21 May 2021

Re-Starting The Lion


Had a moment the other day and after the success with the Coelia Greenshade on the Dark Vengeance Master and the Limited edition Chaplain I took the decision to get The Lion's box out and have a crack at the robes.

I gave it a base coat of screaming skull, then a nuln oil wash, before giving it a coat of Greenshade before bed last night.

Before I left for work this morning I gave it a second coat of Greenshade, and hope to get 2 more coats on there before Euro vision starts tomorrow night.

I have a small amount of Gryphon Sephia left, that I used on the teeth and skull on this pack and some of the paws on the mini. 

I'm just waiting for a bit of fur from the Björn Dreadnought kit before I move on with the legs, the new Broken Toad mk3, size 0 brush will also help. 

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Björn On Thunder Wolf WIP

 Had a trip up to Preston today to pick up some paint for this, Fang Grey and Russ Grey as well as some more black Templar contrast.

Had a few hours painting this one as well getting the claw done on the metal venerable version of Björn the Fell Handed. 

I finally got the to use the wolf pelt that's been knocking around my bits box since I bought the Forge World Space Wolf Contemptor. 

Will need to get the light box out for the next family set. 

Monday, 17 May 2021

Wolf Done

 What with loosing the damn head from the brown wolf I had to swop to the grey wolf I had, the saddle was given the agrax leather treatment, the wolf got a got of agrax earthshade wash as well before highlights.

As I'm using the grey wolf I think I'll have to go with the light grey/blue for this Björn.

I also did the robe on the last of the Metal Ezikael minis I have with the Coelia Greenshade wash.

Friday, 14 May 2021

Monthly Vow 12th Of May To The 12th Of June

 I gave myself a couple of extra days to get the Limited edition Chaplain done hence this coming out in the 15th.
Targets were altered, but over all more got done this month than was planned but not what was planned. 
So what I am aiming for this month? 
The Björn on Thunder Wolf and the claw on the Björn Dreadnought are top of the to do list, there is also the last of the Blade Guard ancient minis that I thinking of trying to build as another version of the Judiciar. Hopefully beyond that there is still the Gravis Intercessors to be done.

Review Time. 

There has been a bit of progress on Björn on Thunder Wolf, but overall this has been on hiatus. 

The dual bladed bad ass was finished, I wasn't which one to use at first out of Cypher or Ezikael. Before settling on a spare Ezikael. 

The various Ezikael minis were started. 

The classic Ezikael got sorted. 

All that effort and for a visual joke, with Obi Wan and Obi Tu. 

And Action Ezikael. I have a plan for the 4 armed Necron lord, but that's still a future project.

I had the Dark Vengeance master that had been unpainted for ages and I found some Coelia Greenshade that I thought I'd like to try on the robes.

I found a mk4 dread going cheap on Ebay with dual twin heavy bolters, I am keeping an eye out for another one. 

Yes I still prefer my version. 

And all of the Forge World mk4s, I have now donated the Thousands Sons as I don't know if I'll touch it again, the World Eaters is on offer to a mate who is doing a World Eaters army, as he is doing a Khorne army.

The Dark Vengeance limited Chaplain was buy from a friend.
I used the Coelia Greenshade on the robes again. 

And one of the last things I did was mount a set of the Björn the Fell Handed claws on the metal venerable Dreadnought version.
Which I of course prompted dropped and broke one of the claws off. 

As well as donating the Thousand Sons dread I passed on the Stormcast Eternal minis from Mortal Realms, as I lost drive to paint them.